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Classic example for bad user experiance,

Classic example for bad user experience:

  • Bad user experience ?
  • Too many ads?
  • Annoying pop ups?
  • Here is a classic example:
  • Sorry very rarely you would find useful content here, but something you do!
  • Thank god for ad blocker plus for saving the day.
Bad user experience ? Too many ads? Annoying pop ups?
Bad user experience ?
Too many ads?
Annoying pop ups?



Google Organic Search Engine Optimization

In recent years, the internet has boomed and with it, the huge amounts of information on line grew exponentially. In order to find relevant information we use Search Engines like Google Yahoo Bing Etc, to sort through the massive volume of information out there.

Organic SEO what does it mean ?

The majority of us are familiar with the most traditional search results from Google and the fact that we can simply find what we are looking for in Google

Google Organic Search Engine Optimization.
Google Organic Search Engine Optimization.

within the first 5 results.  This fact has turned the Search Engine Optimization into a very desired feature in today’s web. A recent on line survey that I read, says that less than 5% of all websites today on line are optimized for search engine friendly standards. In our current line of work, it shortly doesn’t surprise us and we see it on a daily business, well design site simply kept hidden from visitors eyes by “hiding “ in the deep search results of google organic search results.

A whole industry of Search Engine Optimization Services has grown around this fact, Generating billions of dollars a year, to google and supporting companies to improve site’s natural search ranking.

Our Company web deisgn LA specializes in Search Engine Optimization services. Google considers Many factor before ranking a site, domain age,  iniquity of content & of course number & quality of link positing to the site are just few of the factors Google takes into account before ranking a site in the organic search results.

Google Vs. yahoo Search Engine Optimization

Today internet users and online service consumer to try and understand this “phenomena”. So,  to speak of SEO, we have seen a variety of companies offering internet services any where in between $200 per month to $2800, 1-time payment in order to improve you search engine rankings. The vast majority of them will do absolutely nothing to your search results rankings or to Organic Search Engine optimization of your site in Google, specifically and or other search engines. there for will have 0 (zero) impart on your business performance. to put it simply The market is full of scammers…. This unfortunate fact leads to the entire industries having a bad name and you hear more and more people saying: “you cannt get anything does with those SEO companies” this could not be further swat from reality we have outstanding results on a few sites we have worked on.

Organic Search Results

It is  an arguable discussion that all you have to do is  try and rank your site for Google’s first page of results and the rest of the search engines will follow….

Amazingly, we found this assumption to be true in many cases, we optimized
only for google and after not checking the rankings in yahoo and other engines we were amazed too see the site ranked high even in Yahoo organic search results … now you can find in a many top searches for moving, and moving companies in LA and in CA.

more in our next SEO article


Premier Web Design & Marketing Trends Enhance Business

Web Design & Marketing Trends
Web Design & Marketing Trends

For entrepreneurs and business owners, a website serves as a first impression for products and services. In this transformative digital age, a website is similar to a business storefront. Does your business’s storefront window welcome passers-by? Does your business’s website attract Web browsers?

Elite brands such as Apple and Facebook have set unprecedented examples that prove strategically contrived with innovative and functional designs that make powerful connections with consumers. A brand that has powerful connections with consumers leads to high revenue and longevity.

As you promote products and services and reach out to consumers, keep in mind how an exceptional Web design can provide your business with the following advantages:

Enhances Customer & User Experiences

The bar is set high for meeting the visual and digital expectations of consumers. To stay competitive, organizations require the expertise of graphic artists who have the talent and skills to produce unparalleled experiences for users and customers. A professional may have graduated from a top graphic design school and maintain an extensive portfolio; however, the coupling of visually appealing design expertise with state-of-the-art interactive skills is what provides a superior-quality business website. In addition to reflecting your brand’s identity, your website should be memorable and rewarding for visitors and potential customers.

Encourages Brand Loyalty & Advocacy

Great, strategic design is marketable and resonates with loyal customers. As leads and new customers become devoted followers of your brand, they themselves become marketing tools for your business. Customers who feel so strongly connected to your business will advocate your products and services through social media. The design of your brand should be consistent and recognizable on all platforms, including its Facebook page, Pinterest boards, blogs or Instragram photos.

Supports Content Marketing

Web design has a responsibility for elevating the content marketing strategies of your business. One of the top design trends that has had a profound effect on consumers is referred to as “visual storytelling” by To avoid losing relevance, place an emphasis on the visuals of your brand to enhance marketing initiatives and strengthen your position within the marketplace. highlights the following trends for gaining leverage in a competitive marketplace:

  • Navigational & Aesthetic Site & Apps: Ensure that your website is accessible, attractive and easy-to-navigate on all platforms, including desktops, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Interactive Visual Effects: Carry out top-of-the-line digital special effects that maximize a user experience and even augment reality.
  • Minimal & Functional: Keep in mind that a minimalist appearance is typically more user-friendly and attractive; visitors to your site can easily find the essentials and have their needs met.

Achieves Other Business Goals

A website that has an exceptional design supports and helps drive other aspects of Internet marketing, including copywriting, Web programming and search engine optimization (SEO). When all elements of Internet and brand marketing work cohesively, you’re more likely to generate leads, drive traffic and increase conversion rates. suggests that people are undoubtedly affected by design.

Whether visitors stay on a site is influenced by its design and ease of navigation.’s John Furgurson explains that “it’s an instantaneous, subconscious judgment” that causes someone to stay or leave a Web page. A well-designed website retains visitors who will then commit to exploring the products, services, message and brand of your business.

Web Development Companies CA

When you own an online business based out of California, you will want to find a web development company that offers comprehensive packages that will ensure your success.  These include services such as e-commerce, online application development, hosting services for your site and database programming. is an all-inclusive web firm, and we have all the tools and techniques to help you blossom on the web.

Make the Most Out of Technology

There are so many possibilities to increase ease of use and sharing of information across your organization, with your partners and with your customers.

Whatever your specific need may be, we can create tailored web-based applications that achieve your goals, resulting in a user-friendly end product.  Our web applications can improve your workflow and current processes.  Some of the online applications we can assist you with include:

  1. Project Collaboration
  2. Document Management and Organization
  3. Digital Asset Management, or DAM
  4. Calendaring Applications
  5. Accounting System Integration
  6. And Many More Applications; Just Ask!


At, we understand that your company is unique.  We can develop web applications suited to your every intricate need, and can provide custom database programs written to your exact specifications.

Our hosting service is reliable, and best of all, it’s free.  Do you have goods and services you’d like to sell through your website?  We have the technology to set up virtual shopping for your customers’ convenience.

Heighten Your Visibility on the Web

We are primarily a search engine optimization company, so we have the erudition and experience to secure your place in Google, Yahoo or Bing’s top results.  We carefully select popular keywords and include them in well-written, informative web content.

If you really want to spread your message, we offer pay per click management, where you only pay if a user clicks on a text ad to land on your site.  We have everything you need to expand on the Internet, and we even have the technology to allow you to track your results.

No other web design firm in Los Angeles offers the all-inclusive packages we offer at  We look forward to speaking with you and becoming your web design company of choice.  For a free, no-obligation estimate, give us a call today.

Web Design Templates

California Web Design
California Web Design

A web design template can be used to build your own webpage for your California business.  At, we are an all-inclusive web design company in Los Angeles, providing everything from flash templates to full-service web design and graphics.  We can help you with as little or as much as you need in your attempt to become a prosperous business.

Use our wide selection of web design templates for a fast and high-quality website.  Each template is completely customizable and ready to make your own web design within the template.

Don’t waste your budget on expensive web design schools in Los Angeles.  These classes will not teach you the online marketing tricks of the trade that will get you noticed in the world of the web.  Contact us at, and our well-versed web experts will help you from concept to execution of your website.

An Aesthetically Pleasing, Enhanced Site

Do you already have a site, but it’s just not attracting the attention it deserves?  If your site is not attractive and up-to-date, you may as well not even have a website.
You need to ensure that your site is bold, with the right graphics and lettering to hold the attention of your valued customers.

No web class in Los Angeles can teach you absolutely everything you need to know to thrive on the web.  Not only will we create or enhance your website, we will make sure it fits well with your brand.

Every California business has a brand that reaches out to a specific demographic or conveys a message.  If your website does not include a prominent brand message, you may drown in the sea of the web.

Get the Help You Deserve

We can help you succeed in every single facet of the online world.  From Los Angeles e-commerce to full web design services, you can be sure that your site will be well-positioned in top search engine results and will display an attractive message your customers won’t forget if you choose us.

Allow’s experts to design your website, write content for your pages, and optimize your site so customers can find you on Google and Yahoo.  We even offer hosting, online application development, and database programming, as well as tech support if you have problems.

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped many California businesses succeed.  Choosing the right web design company in California is a wise investment.  Take a look around our site and check out our portfolio; we’re sure you’ll be as impressed as our past satisfied clients.  Give us a call today for a free estimate.

Future of Financial & Credit Markets in 2012

Web Site Services, Santa Monica California Web Design

Los Angeles website design
Los Angeles website design

Our entry level services start at $1299 for an off the shelf website solution to get your business up and running with a successful web presence. Our template driven model ensures that your website can be live within a matter of days.

We make it quick and easy for you to create a unique look for your business utilizing the best technologies to ensure your customers have the optimum user experience. See for yourself how quick and simple it can be for you to have your own website by seeing the detailed description below.

The following detailed description of the steps will guide you through the process:

1. Choose a Template:
Choose one of the customizable templates from our gallery. Each of the unique designs has been created by our developers utilizing products from the industry-leading Adobe software suite.

2. Personalization:
Once you have chosen your template, you will be asked to complete a form where you can submit your websites Domain Name, logo, color scheme, fonts, text content, and any pictures you wish to display on the site.

3. Initial Deposit:
A deposit of 50% of your package price is required for us to start creating your website. We accept payments through our secured site via credit card: Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

4. Customization:
Our developers will customize your template as per your instructions, within 24 hours of your order you will be sent a test page based on these requests.

5. Review #1:
This is your first chance to review how the customization you have chosen translates online and make any changes. Change requests are processed via the online form and should be carefully checked for accuracy before submission.

6. Finalize test page:
Our website developers will process your changes and send you a revised test page.

7. Accept Changes:
You now review the revised demo and approve each numbered change until the list is complete. Once an item has been approved, it cannot be changed without incurring additional charges.

8. Implementation:
Once you are satisfied with the page design, our website developers will begin generating the code to create your site.

9. Finalized Website: We will send you a link to the finalized website and you can take the opportunity to verify the personalization you have requested. Any further change requests at this time will incur additional charges.

10. Go Live!
Congratulations your website is complete! All we need you to do now is click the ‘Accept and Go Live! Button’ to verify that the website has been completed as per your requests; we automatically process the remainder of our fee. One the transaction is finalized we will send you your website files, or if you are a participant in our hosting solutions your website will Go Live!
The final part of our services is to submit your website to the top 25 search engines to ensure that your website can be easily found.

Search Engine Optimization Success Case Studies:

(Click image to zoom)

Here is an example of the statistics of a site one of our competitors did. They focused too much on flashy design and did not properly optimize the site for the search engines. As you can see the overall traffic is very low, only a few hits a day. The largest source of traffic is referring sites (links from other websites) and a very large percentage of the visitors over 1/3 are not new. This website is not attracting new customers. Direct traffic (people typing in the domain name) is also a significant percentage nearly 10%. The person who purchased this site ended up paying thousands of dollars for something that looks good, but is entirely useless.

(Click image to zoom)

Here are the statistics of a site we optimized. See that the vast majority of traffic is coming from searches. There are hundreds of new visitors each day. While direct traffic is a much smaller percentage than the previous example it’s still a larger over all number this indicates this site is successful and has converted a portion of that search traffic into loyal returning customers.

Case Study:

Our own website. After being online for less than 4 months we already ranked 8th out of 131 million results of “web design la” which is our primary keyword.

Santa Monica Web Design and SEO

Santa Monica Web Design and SEO
Santa Monica Web Design and SEO

So you’ve made the decision to increase your Santa Monica company’s web presence and visibility online.  Congratulations!  Just simply making that step  is very important, because now you know where you want to be in your web presence.  You want to be visible, you want customers to find you organically through search engines, and you want a website that will engage your potential customers, increasing your revenue – right?

Targeting Your Right Search Markets,

Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place for search engine optimization in the Santa Monica area.  Our team specializes in pay per click management (PPC), SEO copywriting and content improvement, keyword analysis and selection, link enhancement, and meta tag implementation.  All of these factors will increase your web visibility on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, and many other search engines.

Through covering all of the bases with search engine optimization techniques, you will rest assured that you will receive higher search rankings – which means more traffic on your website.

Targeting Your Most effective Keywords,

The most effective form of increasing your search rankings for your Santa Monica web is through content creation.  Keyword integration – in a readable manner – is one of the specialties of our search engine optimization service.  Google and the other search engines scour the web for content that is related to search results.  By providing your web design with fully integrated and keyword-rich content, your website will soar to the top of the search results.

Another important aspect of search engine optimization is the often-forgotten aspect of meta tag development and implementation.  Search engines look at meta tags to help determine what web pages are about – if you don’t have effective meta tags, the search spiders might jump right over your content.

And Finally Targeting your geographical location keywords (if any)

We have proven results in the field of Santa Monica search engine optimization, and we will do everything possible to ensure not only a quality web design for your website, but also will deliver objectively higher search rankings.  The importance of high search rankings cannot be stressed highly enough: if more people find your website through the search engines, you will increase your potential customer base.

A higher customer base…increased revenue…higher profits.  You’ll get all of these as a result of higher search engine rankings for your Santa Monica website.  Isn’t that an investment worth making?

San Francisco SEO

Search engine optimization for San Francisco businesses is one of our strengths at  We rely on keyword optimization, enhancement of

San Francisco SEO
San Francisco SEO

link popularity, and search engine optimized content and meta tags to enable your website to rank higher on Google, MSN, Bing and Yahoo. 

What is an Organic Ranking?

If you have a website that is ranked higher organically, this will mean more traffic for your website.
Organic is used to describe a search that retrieves results by indexing pages based on both keyword relevancy and the site’s content. is a web design firm based in Los Angeles, and we can provide all the web tools you need to have a site that shines compared to your competitors in the San Francisco area.

Users will want to deal with local businesses first, so we can ensure that your results will be geo-targeted if you so desire.
We can enrich your current site’s content to maximize your presence on the Internet, and we can also enhance your brand or logo so your potential customers will never forget your message, which is San Francisco SEO.

Connect with Your Clients

Are you looking for a comprehensive web design package that also includes visibility on social networking sites?  Do you want to provide your potential clients with useful information, all while promoting your goods and services?

Web 2.0 is the ideal solution for connecting with your prospective customers.
Wikis, blogs, social networking sites and media sharing sites are all examples of how you can increase your prominence on the web.  Reach out to all your loyal San Francisco customers with web tools and applications that are results-driven.

Make Goods and Services Easily Attainable

E-commerce strategies employ the use of online stores, virtual shopping carts, and credit card processing services.
A successful e-commerce store will make it easier for customers to purchase what you have to offer from your San Francisco website, all while giving you a competitive edge.  Customers to your San Francisco e-commerce store are likely to visit again if you make shopping simple for them.

You will then enjoy the benefit of these loyal customers, especially if you provide a safe shopping environment.

As a web design firm on the cutting edge of technology, we utilize supreme encryption technology to ensure the privacy of your users.

Contact us today for a free estimate and ask about our complete web design packages.  We can help you with everything from development of your brand concept to your triumph on the web.