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Los Angeles website design
Los Angeles website design

Our entry level services start at $1299 for an off the shelf website solution to get your business up and running with a successful web presence. Our template driven model ensures that your website can be live within a matter of days.

We make it quick and easy for you to create a unique look for your business utilizing the best technologies to ensure your customers have the optimum user experience. See for yourself how quick and simple it can be for you to have your own website by seeing the detailed description below.

The following detailed description of the steps will guide you through the process:

1. Choose a Template:
Choose one of the customizable templates from our gallery. Each of the unique designs has been created by our developers utilizing products from the industry-leading Adobe software suite.

2. Personalization:
Once you have chosen your template, you will be asked to complete a form where you can submit your websites Domain Name, logo, color scheme, fonts, text content, and any pictures you wish to display on the site.

3. Initial Deposit:
A deposit of 50% of your package price is required for us to start creating your website. We accept payments through our secured site via credit card: Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

4. Customization:
Our developers will customize your template as per your instructions, within 24 hours of your order you will be sent a test page based on these requests.

5. Review #1:
This is your first chance to review how the customization you have chosen translates online and make any changes. Change requests are processed via the online form and should be carefully checked for accuracy before submission.

6. Finalize test page:
Our website developers will process your changes and send you a revised test page.

7. Accept Changes:
You now review the revised demo and approve each numbered change until the list is complete. Once an item has been approved, it cannot be changed without incurring additional charges.

8. Implementation:
Once you are satisfied with the page design, our website developers will begin generating the code to create your site.

9. Finalized Website: We will send you a link to the finalized website and you can take the opportunity to verify the personalization you have requested. Any further change requests at this time will incur additional charges.

10. Go Live!
Congratulations your website is complete! All we need you to do now is click the ‘Accept and Go Live! Button’ to verify that the website has been completed as per your requests; we automatically process the remainder of our fee. One the transaction is finalized we will send you your website files, or if you are a participant in our hosting solutions your website will Go Live!
The final part of our services is to submit your website to the top 25 search engines to ensure that your website can be easily found.