Google Organic Search Engine Optimization

In recent years, the internet has boomed and with it, the huge amounts of information on line grew exponentially. In order to find relevant information we use Search Engines like Google Yahoo Bing Etc, to sort through the massive volume of information out there.

Organic SEO what does it mean ?

The majority of us are familiar with the most traditional search results from Google and the fact that we can simply find what we are looking for in Google

Google Organic Search Engine Optimization.
Google Organic Search Engine Optimization.

within the first 5 results.  This fact has turned the Search Engine Optimization into a very desired feature in today’s web. A recent on line survey that I read, says that less than 5% of all websites today on line are optimized for search engine friendly standards. In our current line of work, it shortly doesn’t surprise us and we see it on a daily business, well design site simply kept hidden from visitors eyes by “hiding “ in the deep search results of google organic search results.

A whole industry of Search Engine Optimization Services has grown around this fact, Generating billions of dollars a year, to google and supporting companies to improve site’s natural search ranking.

Our Company web deisgn LA specializes in Search Engine Optimization services. Google considers Many factor before ranking a site, domain age,  iniquity of content & of course number & quality of link positing to the site are just few of the factors Google takes into account before ranking a site in the organic search results.

Google Vs. yahoo Search Engine Optimization

Today internet users and online service consumer to try and understand this “phenomena”. So,  to speak of SEO, we have seen a variety of companies offering internet services any where in between $200 per month to $2800, 1-time payment in order to improve you search engine rankings. The vast majority of them will do absolutely nothing to your search results rankings or to Organic Search Engine optimization of your site in Google, specifically and or other search engines. there for will have 0 (zero) impart on your business performance. to put it simply The market is full of scammers…. This unfortunate fact leads to the entire industries having a bad name and you hear more and more people saying: “you cannt get anything does with those SEO companies” this could not be further swat from reality we have outstanding results on a few sites we have worked on.

Organic Search Results

It is  an arguable discussion that all you have to do is  try and rank your site for Google’s first page of results and the rest of the search engines will follow….

Amazingly, we found this assumption to be true in many cases, we optimized
only for google and after not checking the rankings in yahoo and other engines we were amazed too see the site ranked high even in Yahoo organic search results … now you can find in a many top searches for moving, and moving companies in LA and in CA.

more in our next SEO article