Search Engine Optimization Success Case Studies:

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Here is an example of the statistics of a site one of our competitors did. They focused too much on flashy design and did not properly optimize the site for the search engines. As you can see the overall traffic is very low, only a few hits a day. The largest source of traffic is referring sites (links from other websites) and a very large percentage of the visitors over 1/3 are not new. This website is not attracting new customers. Direct traffic (people typing in the domain name) is also a significant percentage nearly 10%. The person who purchased this site ended up paying thousands of dollars for something that looks good, but is entirely useless.

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Here are the statistics of a site we optimized. See that the vast majority of traffic is comming from searches. There are hundreds of new visitors each day. While direct traffic is a much smaller percentage than the previous example it’s still a larger over all number this indicates this site is successful and has converted a portion of that search traffic into loyal returning customers.

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Case Study:

Hercules vanlines is a moving company with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The primary keyword for this site is “moving company california” as you can see despite over 21 million competing sites they are firmly in the top 3.

In just a few months of sucessfull SEO campaign we were able to signifcantly improve ranking for top search key words in google yahoo msn(now and subsequently to all major search engines in the market today.

Hercules Van Lines now shows up on the first page for over 20 different keywords in just under 6 months here are a few examples:

moving company california Position number 2 (June 4, 09)

moving companies california Position number 3 (June 4, 09)

movers CA Position number 1 (June 4, 09)

movers LA Position number 9 (June 4, 09)

movers los angeles Postion number 8 (June 4, 09)

movers santa monica Postion number 5 (June 4, 09)

moving companies los angeles Postion number 4 (June 4, 09)

california movers Postion number 5 (June 4, 09)

These results have been typical of our SEO clients.

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Case Study:

Our own website. After being online for less than 4 months we already ranked 8th out of 131 million results of “web design la” which is our primary keyword.