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Web Man LA
Web Man LA

In recent years, traditional methods of advertising are passé and now the evolving advertising industry is looking at online marketing with the help of third party network of affiliates, publishers and advertisers for a variety of marketing solutions. For digital marketing requirements, providing exposure to both small and medium businesses is of vital importance and that can best be done with affiliate networks. They work in close coordination with other tactics such as lead generation, email marketing, co-registration and more to provide viable exposure across multiple media channels.

At Web Man LA, as pioneers in the direct marketing and affiliate networks industry, we strive to provide cost effective digital media solutions for publishers, advertisers and affiliates to take the best decisions while spending the advertising budget. It is our aim to resolve the complexities and provide simple business marketing solutions that cater to nearly all industries looking to get a ‘One-stop-shop’ for their advertising needs.

Our current access to over a million data verified subscribers and marketing professionals forms the core of the digital marketing solutions that are further strengthen by the vast network of affiliates, providing your business a chance to launch a successful direct marketing campaign, targeting prospective customers that specifically seek more information about your business or product. With a wide network of advertisers and affiliates, brand building, product advertising and getting high traffic for your business is all-in-a-days work for our company.

Additionally, custom lead generation, email marketing are just some of the other online advertising solutions that form the backbone of the successful campaign. When you work with us, our experienced teams of professionals ensure that you stay ahead of your business competitors while driving prospective customers to your business.

All of our campaigns are specifically tailored to suit individual client’s requirements and business while giving you complete control over all aspects of the planning, design and delivery. Whether you need to build a database for email marketing or launch a full service digital marketing campaign, Web Man LA will be happy to work with you on your marketing requirements.

We welcome queries, questions and feedback from our partners and valued customers. Please contact us today and one of our business representatives will be happy to discuss in detail about your project. We respect your privacy and have stringent confidentiality ethics, as an assurance about our service.




About Web Man LA

Web Man LA
Web Man LA

Web Man LA connects the top brand names with the best publishers in an exclusive network that covers the performance marketing industry. As one of the global digital marketing solution company, with expertise in managing the whole spectrum of advertising services that includes brand building strategies to performance based customer acquisition solutions.

An industry leader in offline and online marketing and full delivery advertising with results focused solutions. To bridge the gaps, we strategize and pair the best advertisers with publishers that target their demographics to best convey the message.

We strive to deliver the most cost effective strategic digital marketing solutions for small and large advertisers both vertically for all industries. Web Man LA provides cost effective integrated campaigns and digital media advertising solutions by utilizing multiple traffic distribution channels and providing cutting edge campaign analytics.

The digital marketing finding a prominent place in the marketing industry, apart from lead generation to email marketing, direct marketing is one of the best online advertising medium to maximum ROI. If you are looking for successful service and product launch, it is essential to work with professionals like Web Man LA. Marketing teams such as ours, have years of experience in the digital marketing industry are able to evolve and design programs as per changing market values.

We endeavor to provide support campaigns through all channels by social media, we displays, search engine marketing, email and more. So as a new publisher you are looking to gain speed with profitable campaigns, contact us today.

While we provide advertisers with the best way to enhance revenues while covering all bases over costs control. We have an array of performance-based marketing solutions based on Cost -per-Action (CPA) model that can drive responses to your offers. Gain access to a wide selection of value-added services that enhances Return-on-Investment and cuts costs.

Representing the cutting-edge solutions in affiliate networks, Web Man LA endeavors to play a leading role in affiliate marketing. We have been focused on generating the best possible leads and sales for advertisers. As an affiliate you have the ability to generate more revenue from subscribers’ lists, websites, use of programs for search engine marketing and other assets.

With the most exclusive team at Web Man LA, we’ve got advanced technology that perfectly amalgamates with our team of direct-marketing specialists to make sure that each and every network partner is given personalized care and highest quality customer service. Our commitment to our aim ensures that through digital and interactive marketing mediums, our partners enjoy success include Social media, display and email.

We understand that your goal is not just to get better ROI or Return-on-Investment but to be successful and exceed marketing goals. With our successful digital marketing and advertising solutions, we can enhance your revenues and performance based marketing initiatives with:

  • Established quality
  • Measured campaign tracking
  • Monitoring and preventing fraud
  • Deciphering and relaying performance metrics

There are numerous services and incentives that we provide our advertisers such as fully optimized campaigns, real time campaign tracking and constant reporting, regular affiliate incentives, industry leading offers, full service affiliate management team and regular payouts.

Our online marketers can launch quality email marketing campaigns for businesses and multiple industries. Additionally, we can help manage your specific database to help turn the lead generated into revenues and profits with a state-of-art affiliate revenue sharing programs.

With years in the digital advertising world, we completely understand that long lasting business relationships convert to high conversion rates, exclusive campaigns and business brand building for our affiliates.


What You Could Expect With Web Design Pricing

Web Development Los Angeles
Web Development Los Angeles

When you decide to start a website one of the first questions that you will probably ask is, “Can I afford it?” The cost of having a webpage created for you can vary from a few hundred dollars to extremely expensive. There are several factors that affect the price.

Many people assume that starting a website is as simple as registering a domain name, purchasing a yearly web hosting package and then using the perfect pre-designed theme. While it is possible to start a site this way, you will quickly discover that your site is just like every other one out there and that the page isn’t doing what you wanted it to do.

This is the reason why you should choose to have the page designed for you by a professional. It will cost you more money up front, but will leave you a properly functioning, one of a kind website that is capable of competing within top search engines.

Once you have a general idea of what you want your website to look like you can start to budget the cost of designing it. Each of the following things you may consider a necessity to your site and each of their cost varies.

  • Is this a brand new website or a site that you would like a redesign? Obviously the cost of a new site is significantly more. The base cost of a redesigned site on average is $200, whereas, the cost to start new averages at about $500.
  • Is the site going to require management for content or a blog? If so, you can figure in another $200 into your budget. If the system for managing content and blog still needs install, that will be about another $200.
  • Will you have a mobile website? That will cost another $500, plus an additional $100 for each mobile device, such as cell phones and tablets.
  • How much content do you need created for your website and how much will you supply yourself? For each page of typed content that you supply, you will be charged about $150 for each page. For the pages that you need created, you be charged around $500 for each page.
  • What special feature, SEO, social media, etcetera, will you need for the site?
    • Newsletters- $400
    • Photo Gallery- $200
    • SEO- $500 to $4000
    • Social Media- $500 to $2000
    • Surveys/Contact Forms- $300

The figures here are just a price range and may vary according to the needs of each individual or business. There are several other special options that you may require for your website. Each of these will have prices that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Will the website require multimedia, such as video or flash? This will cost around $1000 total, $500 to create the multimedia and another $500 to put it on your webpage.

  • What are you planning to do about graphics? Supplying them yourself will cost around $200. If you choose to use a web template, that will cost about $400. If you plan to have a design firm create your websites designs for you that will be near $1000, at the very least. Your website will probably also require buttons and icons. If so, that adds about another $300 to the budget. What it comes down to is, the more graphics for the page, and the more original the graphics are, the more money it will cost you.
  • Who is going to maintain your website? The cost for maintenance of a website is going to be, at the least, $50 a month.

So when it all comes down to it you can spend anywhere from $1200 for a basic website, $1400 if you add a few extras to your site and the cost of a full website on average runs about $2800. However, these prices do not include anything special. If you add in things such as mobile access, monthly maintenance, and videos your website could end up costing you about $10,000 with monthly fees of around $500. Like many other products and services, you get what you pay for. Therefore, the more you spend, the more unique and productive of a website you will have.

Web Templates: What are they, how to find the right one and where can I find them?

web design and development
web design and development

What exactly is a web template?

To put it in the simplest terms, a web template, an integral part of website design because it dictates the look, feel and structure, is basically a blueprint or an outline that helps to create a webpage. They are used to assist in the set-up of any kind of website and aides in differentiating between presentation and content.

 Although a web template is only used for those who wish to bypass the creation of coding from scratch, finding the perfect web template is the first step when you begin building a website, no matter what the site will be used for. This tool makes it possible to create an amazing website without the need of designs skills. It also saves you money, as well as, time. There are a probably millions of web templates available which may make choosing one the right one difficult. Hiring a professional web design company will not only speed up the process of choosing the perfect template but they might be able to provide templates to you that suit your business needs.

How do you choose the right template for your website?

When trying to find the perfect template for your site, you need to keep five questions in mind to be sure it will fit your needs.

1. How large of a website am I going to build? A single page website has different requirements and needs than ten-page website.

2. What is the page going to consist of? The type of template you need for a page that contains a lot of pictures will be much different for a page containing mostly text.

3. Will I need to do much for the web template to fit what I want my webpage to look like? While you can make changes to a web template if you need to, it is much easier to find one that is already set-up how you want it to be. While it may take longer to find the right one, it will save you time in the long run.

4.Will I be provided customer support? Any respectable web template company will have representatives available to assist you. While the whole point of using a template to build your site is so that you can do it on your own, you still might hit snags along the way. Being able to contact a support technician, you will be able to get through the problem quickly and get back to designing your website.

5. Who designed it? A perfectly designed web template will be created by both a web designer and a programmer, or someone who is equally experienced in both aspects. When both of these skills are combined you end up with an easy to read, quickly downloaded website that will work in any browser and easily found with all search engines.

 Where can you find web templates?

There are thousands of websites that are templates. Some are offered free, while other will cost you money. And the price of the web template can vary quite a bit based on many factors, including who created it, how large it is, and what kind of site it will be used to create it. The best way to find exactly what you need is by visiting different websites and browsing through the ones that they have available.

Using a web template will assist you in making a professional looking website without needing any design skill. And by keeping the five questions above in mind when choosing, you will be able to find the perfect template for your website. Before proceeding, consulting a web design company is advised. Some aspects of web templates are new and will require the help of a professional in order to develop them to suit your site.


Premier Web Design & Marketing Trends Enhance Business

Web Design & Marketing Trends
Web Design & Marketing Trends

For entrepreneurs and business owners, a website serves as a first impression for products and services. In this transformative digital age, a website is similar to a business storefront. Does your business’s storefront window welcome passers-by? Does your business’s website attract Web browsers?

Elite brands such as Apple and Facebook have set unprecedented examples that prove strategically contrived with innovative and functional designs that make powerful connections with consumers. A brand that has powerful connections with consumers leads to high revenue and longevity.

As you promote products and services and reach out to consumers, keep in mind how an exceptional Web design can provide your business with the following advantages:

Enhances Customer & User Experiences

The bar is set high for meeting the visual and digital expectations of consumers. To stay competitive, organizations require the expertise of graphic artists who have the talent and skills to produce unparalleled experiences for users and customers. A professional may have graduated from a top graphic design school and maintain an extensive portfolio; however, the coupling of visually appealing design expertise with state-of-the-art interactive skills is what provides a superior-quality business website. In addition to reflecting your brand’s identity, your website should be memorable and rewarding for visitors and potential customers.

Encourages Brand Loyalty & Advocacy

Great, strategic design is marketable and resonates with loyal customers. As leads and new customers become devoted followers of your brand, they themselves become marketing tools for your business. Customers who feel so strongly connected to your business will advocate your products and services through social media. The design of your brand should be consistent and recognizable on all platforms, including its Facebook page, Pinterest boards, blogs or Instragram photos.

Supports Content Marketing

Web design has a responsibility for elevating the content marketing strategies of your business. One of the top design trends that has had a profound effect on consumers is referred to as “visual storytelling” by Mashable.com. To avoid losing relevance, place an emphasis on the visuals of your brand to enhance marketing initiatives and strengthen your position within the marketplace.

Mashable.com highlights the following trends for gaining leverage in a competitive marketplace:

  • Navigational & Aesthetic Site & Apps: Ensure that your website is accessible, attractive and easy-to-navigate on all platforms, including desktops, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Interactive Visual Effects: Carry out top-of-the-line digital special effects that maximize a user experience and even augment reality.
  • Minimal & Functional: Keep in mind that a minimalist appearance is typically more user-friendly and attractive; visitors to your site can easily find the essentials and have their needs met.

Achieves Other Business Goals

A website that has an exceptional design supports and helps drive other aspects of Internet marketing, including copywriting, Web programming and search engine optimization (SEO). When all elements of Internet and brand marketing work cohesively, you’re more likely to generate leads, drive traffic and increase conversion rates. BrandInsightBlog.com suggests that people are undoubtedly affected by design.

Whether visitors stay on a site is influenced by its design and ease of navigation. BrandInsightBlog.com’s John Furgurson explains that “it’s an instantaneous, subconscious judgment” that causes someone to stay or leave a Web page. A well-designed website retains visitors who will then commit to exploring the products, services, message and brand of your business.

Web Design Templates

California Web Design
California Web Design

A web design template can be used to build your own webpage for your California business.  At WebManLA.com, we are an all-inclusive web design company in Los Angeles, providing everything from flash templates to full-service web design and graphics.  We can help you with as little or as much as you need in your attempt to become a prosperous business.

Use our wide selection of web design templates for a fast and high-quality website.  Each template is completely customizable and ready to make your own web design within the template.

Don’t waste your budget on expensive web design schools in Los Angeles.  These classes will not teach you the online marketing tricks of the trade that will get you noticed in the world of the web.  Contact us at WebManLA.com, and our well-versed web experts will help you from concept to execution of your website.

An Aesthetically Pleasing, Enhanced Site

Do you already have a site, but it’s just not attracting the attention it deserves?  If your site is not attractive and up-to-date, you may as well not even have a website.
You need to ensure that your site is bold, with the right graphics and lettering to hold the attention of your valued customers.

No web class in Los Angeles can teach you absolutely everything you need to know to thrive on the web.  Not only will we create or enhance your website, we will make sure it fits well with your brand.

Every California business has a brand that reaches out to a specific demographic or conveys a message.  If your website does not include a prominent brand message, you may drown in the sea of the web.

Get the Help You Deserve

We can help you succeed in every single facet of the online world.  From Los Angeles e-commerce to full web design services, you can be sure that your site will be well-positioned in top search engine results and will display an attractive message your customers won’t forget if you choose us.

Allow WebManLA.com’s experts to design your website, write content for your pages, and optimize your site so customers can find you on Google and Yahoo.  We even offer hosting, online application development, and database programming, as well as tech support if you have problems.

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped many California businesses succeed.  Choosing the right web design company in California is a wise investment.  Take a look around our site and check out our portfolio; we’re sure you’ll be as impressed as our past satisfied clients.  Give us a call today for a free estimate.

Future of Financial & Credit Markets in 2012

Website designed and developed for The Hercules Movers of California

When Hercules Moving hired us to take on the role of increasing their web presence and search visibility, we at Web Design Los Angeles. had a very challenging task ahead of us.  After all, moving companies in Los Angeles are not exactly the rarest of breeds.  There is quite a lot of competition on the Internet between Los Angeles moving companies, which means there is not a lot of metaphorical oxygen left in the Internet space for companies to become more visible.

However, we were up to the challenge.  We knew that with our team of gifted Search Engine Optimization specialists, web designers, and web developers, we would be able to create an online strategy that fit Hercules Moving’s needs and preferences.

California Moving Companies We sat down with Hercules Moving and devised an Internet marketing plan that included search engine, web design, and web development strategies for Hercules Moving to succeed in the realm of Los Angeles moving companies on the Internet.

We succeeded in every objective we set out to achieve with Hercules Moving — and then exceeded those objectives.

The Results

The results of our operations?  We have increased the search visibility of Hercules Moving dramatically.  Now, thanks to our search engine optimization strategies, they have hit high visibility for specifically targeted keywords.  Some of the keywords we chose for them were geotargeted, such as “Santa Monica moving company.”  That way, when users are searching for Santa Monica movers, they will be sure to find Hercules Moving.

We also increased the aesthetic quality of the website.  Before we worked on Hercules Moving’s website, it was not effective as the centerpiece of a web design strategy.  The design, quite frankly, fell flat and did not invite users to continue looking at their service offerings.

Not only was Hercules Moving not visible, but they were also losing web visitors to competitors due to the poor design and accessibility of their website.

Sound Familiar?

If your plight sounds similar to that of Hercules Moving, you’re not alone.  Many business in Los Angeles are struggling to find their voice on the web.  Whether it’s in the realm of ranking in Google searches or simply having an aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian website, you need a successful web strategy in order to succeed online today.  It’s simply not possible without one; otherwise, you’re just flying blindly, hoping you succeed through luck.

As you know, that’s no way to run a business.

Call us today at Web Design L.A. for more information on how we can help your online strategy succeed excellently.  We’re certain our services will be able to increase your website’s visibility in search rankings, the beauty and functionality of your website, and the usability of the web interface.

It’s worth the investment in your company’s future online.  We look forward to helping you find your online voice!