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Search Engine Optimization Success Case Studies:

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Here is an example of the statistics of a site one of our competitors did. They focused too much on flashy design and did not properly optimize the site for the search engines. As you can see the overall traffic is very low, only a few hits a day. The largest source of traffic is referring sites (links from other websites) and a very large percentage of the visitors over 1/3 are not new. This website is not attracting new customers. Direct traffic (people typing in the domain name) is also a significant percentage nearly 10%. The person who purchased this site ended up paying thousands of dollars for something that looks good, but is entirely useless.

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Here are the statistics of a site we optimized. See that the vast majority of traffic is coming from searches. There are hundreds of new visitors each day. While direct traffic is a much smaller percentage than the previous example it’s still a larger over all number this indicates this site is successful and has converted a portion of that search traffic into loyal returning customers.

Case Study: http://www.webmanla.com

Our own website. After being online for less than 4 months we already ranked 8th out of 131 million results of “web design la” which is our primary keyword.

Santa Monica Web Design and SEO

Santa Monica Web Design and SEO
Santa Monica Web Design and SEO

So you’ve made the decision to increase your Santa Monica company’s web presence and visibility online.  Congratulations!  Just simply making that step  is very important, because now you know where you want to be in your web presence.  You want to be visible, you want customers to find you organically through search engines, and you want a website that will engage your potential customers, increasing your revenue – right?

Targeting Your Right Search Markets,

Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place for search engine optimization in the Santa Monica area.  Our team specializes in pay per click management (PPC), SEO copywriting and content improvement, keyword analysis and selection, link enhancement, and meta tag implementation.  All of these factors will increase your web visibility on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, and many other search engines.

Through covering all of the bases with search engine optimization techniques, you will rest assured that you will receive higher search rankings – which means more traffic on your website.

Targeting Your Most effective Keywords,

The most effective form of increasing your search rankings for your Santa Monica web is through content creation.  Keyword integration – in a readable manner – is one of the specialties of our search engine optimization service.  Google and the other search engines scour the web for content that is related to search results.  By providing your web design with fully integrated and keyword-rich content, your website will soar to the top of the search results.

Another important aspect of search engine optimization is the often-forgotten aspect of meta tag development and implementation.  Search engines look at meta tags to help determine what web pages are about – if you don’t have effective meta tags, the search spiders might jump right over your content.

And Finally Targeting your geographical location keywords (if any)

We have proven results in the field of Santa Monica search engine optimization, and we will do everything possible to ensure not only a quality web design for your website, but also will deliver objectively higher search rankings.  The importance of high search rankings cannot be stressed highly enough: if more people find your website through the search engines, you will increase your potential customer base.

A higher customer base…increased revenue…higher profits.  You’ll get all of these as a result of higher search engine rankings for your Santa Monica website.  Isn’t that an investment worth making?

San Francisco SEO

Search engine optimization for San Francisco businesses is one of our strengths at WebManLA.com.  We rely on keyword optimization, enhancement of

San Francisco SEO
San Francisco SEO

link popularity, and search engine optimized content and meta tags to enable your website to rank higher on Google, MSN, Bing and Yahoo. 

What is an Organic Ranking?

If you have a website that is ranked higher organically, this will mean more traffic for your website.
Organic is used to describe a search that retrieves results by indexing pages based on both keyword relevancy and the site’s content.
WebManLA.com is a web design firm based in Los Angeles, and we can provide all the web tools you need to have a site that shines compared to your competitors in the San Francisco area.

Users will want to deal with local businesses first, so we can ensure that your results will be geo-targeted if you so desire.
We can enrich your current site’s content to maximize your presence on the Internet, and we can also enhance your brand or logo so your potential customers will never forget your message, which is San Francisco SEO.

Connect with Your Clients

Are you looking for a comprehensive web design package that also includes visibility on social networking sites?  Do you want to provide your potential clients with useful information, all while promoting your goods and services?

Web 2.0 is the ideal solution for connecting with your prospective customers.
Wikis, blogs, social networking sites and media sharing sites are all examples of how you can increase your prominence on the web.  Reach out to all your loyal San Francisco customers with web tools and applications that are results-driven.

Make Goods and Services Easily Attainable

E-commerce strategies employ the use of online stores, virtual shopping carts, and credit card processing services.
A successful e-commerce store will make it easier for customers to purchase what you have to offer from your San Francisco website, all while giving you a competitive edge.  Customers to your San Francisco e-commerce store are likely to visit again if you make shopping simple for them.

You will then enjoy the benefit of these loyal customers, especially if you provide a safe shopping environment.

As a web design firm on the cutting edge of technology, we utilize supreme encryption technology to ensure the privacy of your users.

Contact us today for a free estimate and ask about our complete web design packages.  We can help you with everything from development of your brand concept to your triumph on the web.

San Diego SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a method employed by many businesses in San Diego to rank their websites among the top results in popular

San Diego SEO
San Diego SEO

search engines.  SEO strategy banks on the well-known idea that most of us can find what we’re looking for in the top five results of search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

If you have a site for your San Diego business, how can you ensure that users in the area will be able to find you within the vast, expansive world of the Internet?  The solution is to rely on a web design company that specializes in getting California businesses noticed on the web.

At WebManLA.com, our highly commensurate experts know how to make your site more visible and prominent through methods such as:

  1. Web Design Services: Graphic Design, Brand Creation, Logo Development and More
  2. Web 2.0 Technologies and a Presence on Facebook, Myspace or Twitter
  3. Ready-Made, High-Quality Web Design Templates
  4. Revision of Your Written Web Content
  5. Everything Else You Need For a Successful Online Presence

From a sophisticated, intelligent web design to online advertising strategies that bring you recognizable results, count on WebManLA.com to be your one-stop shop for web design and optimization services in the California region.

Technologically Advanced Advertising Techniques

To successfully position your brand high above your competitors, you will need a brand that is attractive, one-of-a-kind, and that will effectively convey your company’s message.  Your logo is just as important.
Making a web design from a template may not be enough, but WebManLA.com offers all-inclusive packages with everything you need to succeed on the web.

What do you want out of your web development strategy?  Call us today to see what our web development packages can do for your San Diego business.

We’ve been helping businesses in the California area for years, and we’ll be glad to provide you with a free consultation to discuss your concerns and answer your questions.  We’ll then discuss how to get the best return on investment for your marketing budget and how to achieve what you want on your terms.

Santa Monica SEO

Relying on traditional marketing techniques, such as radio, television or print advertising, is a tried and true tool for getting your business name known.

Search Engine Optimization in Santa Monica CA
Search Engine Optimization in Santa Monica CA

However, in a world where everyone searches Google, MSN and Yahoo for products and services, you will want to be a step ahead of your competitors.  Internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization,
pay per click management and link improvement can maximize your online business potential.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is employed by many highly successful businesses in the Santa Monica area.
At WebManLA.com, we can develop fully-tailored, unique Internet marketing strategies to give your Santa Monica business an SEO boost.
This means your website will be ranked higher in popular, geo-targeted search engine results.

Internet searchers in the Santa Monica area will be able to see your local business listed in Google, Yahoo, BING or Ask Jeeves results, resulting in more leads for your business.

Overall Content Improvement and Higher Rankings on Search Engines

SEO Copywriting can improve the existing content on your pages so your site will be ranked higher among search engine results.

WebManLA.com is a full-service web design company in the Los Angeles area with the unique skill to blend popular keywords right into the text so your site is both informative and easily visible to searchers.

Enhance the Popularity of Your Site’s Links

The popularity of the links within your site is also a determining factor of your placement within search results.
Quality factors are assigned to each link that leads to your website, and our consultants at WebManLA.com can easily identify potential link opportunities.

We enter your search phrases, click on the top ranking sites, and determine who is linking to them and why.  Sponsorships, advertising, and public relations can all increase a site’s link popularity, and we are one of the few web design firms in Los Angeles that has a well-defined strategy for getting your site noticed.  Electronic commerce, or e-commerce or e-shopping, with a merchantaccount.com merchant accounts is a great way for customers all over California to shop for your goods and services.

Innovative Methods, Customer Convenience

More and more consumers are logging onto their computers to shop online.  Besides link popularity enhancement, we can assist you with applications to maximize your customer’s convenience and keep them coming back to your business.

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce or e-shopping, is a great way for customers all over California to shop for your goods and services.  This consists of the buying and selling of products and services over electronic systems, making it simple for customers to purchase from you without ever having to leave their home.

Website designed and developed for The Hercules Movers of California

When Hercules Moving hired us to take on the role of increasing their web presence and search visibility, we at Web Design Los Angeles. had a very challenging task ahead of us.  After all, moving companies in Los Angeles are not exactly the rarest of breeds.  There is quite a lot of competition on the Internet between Los Angeles moving companies, which means there is not a lot of metaphorical oxygen left in the Internet space for companies to become more visible.

However, we were up to the challenge.  We knew that with our team of gifted Search Engine Optimization specialists, web designers, and web developers, we would be able to create an online strategy that fit Hercules Moving’s needs and preferences.

California Moving Companies We sat down with Hercules Moving and devised an Internet marketing plan that included search engine, web design, and web development strategies for Hercules Moving to succeed in the realm of Los Angeles moving companies on the Internet.

We succeeded in every objective we set out to achieve with Hercules Moving — and then exceeded those objectives.

The Results

The results of our operations?  We have increased the search visibility of Hercules Moving dramatically.  Now, thanks to our search engine optimization strategies, they have hit high visibility for specifically targeted keywords.  Some of the keywords we chose for them were geotargeted, such as “Santa Monica moving company.”  That way, when users are searching for Santa Monica movers, they will be sure to find Hercules Moving.

We also increased the aesthetic quality of the website.  Before we worked on Hercules Moving’s website, it was not effective as the centerpiece of a web design strategy.  The design, quite frankly, fell flat and did not invite users to continue looking at their service offerings.

Not only was Hercules Moving not visible, but they were also losing web visitors to competitors due to the poor design and accessibility of their website.

Sound Familiar?

If your plight sounds similar to that of Hercules Moving, you’re not alone.  Many business in Los Angeles are struggling to find their voice on the web.  Whether it’s in the realm of ranking in Google searches or simply having an aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian website, you need a successful web strategy in order to succeed online today.  It’s simply not possible without one; otherwise, you’re just flying blindly, hoping you succeed through luck.

As you know, that’s no way to run a business.

Call us today at Web Design L.A. for more information on how we can help your online strategy succeed excellently.  We’re certain our services will be able to increase your website’s visibility in search rankings, the beauty and functionality of your website, and the usability of the web interface.

It’s worth the investment in your company’s future online.  We look forward to helping you find your online voice!

SEO Los Angeles

Los Angeles SEO
Los Angeles SEO

If you’re looking to build organic search result traffic to your Los Angeles company, then you need a rigorous search engine optimization program to do so.  By choosing us to help with your Los Angeles SEO project, you will be choosing proven results, an effective campaign, and an ability to deliver a visible return on investment.

SEO is Important and cortical to your business success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is effective advertising because it continues to pay dividends even after you have made the initial investment.  This is in contrast to other forms of advertising, in which you must keep paying money for the marketing campaigns to continue.

SEO campaigns, unlike other campaigns, continue to bring traffic to your website even after the original campaign has ended.  SEO does this by placing your website on the search results for specific keywords.

How do you know what keywords to target?

We’ll help you determine that, as well.

Our team of SEO experts perform rigorous keyword research to determine the most effective keywords for the types of customers you want to draw for your business.  For example, we will target specific keywords for your region and the surrounding cities through engaging content that is both keyword-rich and content-rich.

Dozens of clients in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica area have found our Search Engine Optimization strategies to be valuable and useful and have continued to come back for more. We would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers and clients, since we are certain we will be able to bring this type of value to your business.

SEO Strategies

If you don’t use SEO strategies, your competitors will.  In this economy, you can’t afford to simply give up business, but if you fail to implement an effective search engine optimization strategy in your web design project, then you are essentially giving business away to your competitors.  We’re certain that you can’t afford to do that – no one can.

Give us a call to learn more about how our SEO strategies can help your Los Angeles company succeed just as it has helped Los Angeles companies in the past succeed.  We can’t wait to show you the clear and objective results that we can bring your company.  We at WebManLA.com will provide a free consultation to let you know how we can help your business.

You’re worth it to us.

Culver City SEO

Culver City SEOWebManLA.com is a Culver City Based SEO company.  Making sure that prospective clients find your website is critical to your success on the Internet. The best sources of customers are the ones that will create a constant stream of people who are interested in buying what you want to sell. For websites this means Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search engine optimization is a process of increasing both the volume and quility of web site traffic coming from the varios search engines. Primarily Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Our team of experts will increase the relevency of your website to your target audience by analyzing the existing content and structure of your site and making changes that will effect how the search engines see the content.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, means building a website so that it will be discovered by search engines. It also means designing each page in such a way, that the site’s content will be thoroughly mapped and indexed to keywords that potential customers employ when seeking your products or services. Organic SEO engagements with WebManLA.com are based on key objectives using all appropriate techniques available to professional search engine marketers. WebManLA.com’ Organic SEO methodology is designed to identify those steps necessary to move quickly from planning stages through implementation in order to achieve tangible benefits in as short a timeframe as possible.

Natural Search Engine Optimization Methodology

Research and Analysis

Keyword Phrase Research

Using proprietary search engine analysis tools; WebManLA.com will work with you to develop the ideal set of keyword phrases for promoting your website. WebManLA.com examines the content and business model of your website and cross-references that against the most relevant search terms used by web searchers.

Baseline Search Engine Traffic Report

Using your web traffic software reports or through online access WebManLA.com will analyze your current natural search engine traffic statistics

Baseline Search Engine Ranking Report

Using your approved keywords we will run an extensive search engine ranking report detailing your website ranking positions among the top 10 search engines (accounting for 98% of all search engine traffic).

Competitive Analysis Report

WebManLA.com will use approved keywords to run similar search engine ranking reports against your top 3-5 competitors.

Pages Indexed Report

WebManLA.com will determine and report to you the number of pages on your website found within the major search engine databases. These databases include Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves. These databases power the major search engines like AOL, Altavista, AllTheWeb, and more. This information is vital in understanding which sections of the your site is being indexed by various search engine spiders.

Natural Search Engine Optimization

Using our research and analysis WebManLA.com will create optimization suggestions for key pages within your website.

Optimization Elements

After careful selection of relevant keyword and keyword phrases per page, WebManLA.com constructs search engine friendly HTML code, including page unique Titles, META Descriptions, ALT Tags, and Navigation and Link Structures which include:

  • Examination of internal linking structure including the selection of link names and titles.
  • Proper site navigation including linking strategies such as addition or modification of a site map.
  • File and page name structuring.
  • Write additional content if needed for your web pages
  • Generate articles and press releases as needed to boost your rankings

In addition WebManLA.com will closely examine web page body content, and will utilize its copywriting team to create “smart” website copy that will appeal both to the your consumer and the search engines.

Link Popularity and Link Network Quality Consulting

Company Website Network Consulting
Many times company’s internal website networks make up some of the best link acquisition potential. With Your help, WebManLA.com will help outline various link opportunities, which could greatly increase the overall rankings of your website.

Your Partner WebManLA.com

WebManLA.com, our clients and other web properties all have the ability to link to you. WebManLA.com will work with you to determine which sites are contextually best, and will help make contact with these firms through either phone or email.

Post Implementation Reporting


Once a portion of WebManLA.com suggestions have been implemented on your site WebManLA.com will begin the reporting process. Once ranking reports begin they will continue to run on a monthly basis from the day of the month when the process began.


WebManLA.com will monitor traffic trends monthly beginning on the signature date of this SOW. Specifically, WebManLA.com will be monitoring total search engine traffic and individual search engine referrers for your keywords WebManLA.com will report to you these numbers on a regular basis.

Executive Summary

WebManLA.com will compare baseline measurements of traffic and rankings to post implementations reports from to create the Executive Summary. This document will clearly outline search engine traffic trends, keyword trends, ranking trends, and indexing trends in both numerical and chart format. This document will clearly communicate the results of the Natural Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Account Management

Your will be assigned a dedicated account manager who is responsible for all internal and external communication. This account manager will correspond and work with the WebManLA.com team to ensure all timelines are met and all deliverables are created.

Another one of our optimization clients is a client who serves business and residential customer as one, he does a great job replacing or rekeying you locks for an affordable prices, give him a call and see for yourself .

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the most effective internet marketing tool. It is also known as search engine positioning or

Search Engine Optimization

placement. It is the process of improving your website by utilizing techniques to enable it to rank higher in search engine results pages, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our SEO consulting services are the smartest online advertising investment you will make.

We include a basic search engine friendly package in all our website design services which submits your website to the top search engines. If you decide to maximize your business potential online our experienced team of SEO specialists will consult with you to develop a bespoke interactive marketing campaign to deliver tried and tested return on your investment. SEO also includes one way text links development those links will help increase your ranking and increase your traffic accordingly, they must be done in a white hat type of development

Our Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

  • · Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
  • · SEO Copywriting and Content Improvement
  • · Keyword analysis and selection
  • · Link popularity enhancement
  • · Meta tag development and implementation

Pay Per Click Marketing Management (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is where your business only pays when a user actually clicks through to your website from a text ad. We specialize in positioning your website within search engines “sponsored search” results page to achieve optimal exposure.

Pay Per Click Marketing is a precise and targeted vehicle to increase internet sales. It allows you to directly interact with those actively searching for your product/services and convert them into new sales and repeat customers.

We provide optimal solutions for PPC marketing. Our Search Marketing Department manages, optimizes and grows PPC campaigns.

SEO Copywriting and Content Improvement

SEO Copywriting refers to rewriting the existing webpage content to improve its search engine placement. SEO Copywriting requires skill to integrate popular search terms and keywords seamlessly within the website text.

In most cases, web users make up their opinion about a website and the corresponding business in the first few seconds. Your online content should help your user find the information they’re looking for as fast as possible, reducing frustration and driving them to your competitors.

Good website content improves user experience, a factor that plays critical role in converting website visitors to customers. Our SEO copywriters are specialists in getting the correct message across to potential customers while satisfying the requirements for high search engine placement.

Keyword Reseach and Placement

Keyword selection often begins with the unique domain name or web address for your website. Keywords play an important part in the SEO strategy of your business and are an integral part of all our Search Engine Optimization service offerings. They provide a fundamental methodology to optimize your search engine placement. Our consultants will help you conduct Keyword research and selection and advise you on the various integration techniques.

Link Popularity Enhancement

Link popularity is one of the most influential factors for determining how well a website will perform in search engine rankings. Search engines assign a quality factor for each link that points to your website. The number of high quality links that point to your website is also a determining factor in your search engine placement. Our consultants can advise on the most effective strategies for enhancing your websites link popularity.

Meta Tag Development and Implementation

Meta Tags are another tool utilized by search engines to search and display relevant search results. Our SEO specialists work side by side with our website design teams to create relevant Meta Tags in the HTML source code of your website. This compliments our range of SEO services and ensures you enjoy high search engine placement.