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Web Man LA
Web Man LA

In recent years, traditional methods of advertising are passé and now the evolving advertising industry is looking at online marketing with the help of third party network of affiliates, publishers and advertisers for a variety of marketing solutions. For digital marketing requirements, providing exposure to both small and medium businesses is of vital importance and that can best be done with affiliate networks. They work in close coordination with other tactics such as lead generation, email marketing, co-registration and more to provide viable exposure across multiple media channels.

At Web Man LA, as pioneers in the direct marketing and affiliate networks industry, we strive to provide cost effective digital media solutions for publishers, advertisers and affiliates to take the best decisions while spending the advertising budget. It is our aim to resolve the complexities and provide simple business marketing solutions that cater to nearly all industries looking to get a ‘One-stop-shop’ for their advertising needs.

Our current access to over a million data verified subscribers and marketing professionals forms the core of the digital marketing solutions that are further strengthen by the vast network of affiliates, providing your business a chance to launch a successful direct marketing campaign, targeting prospective customers that specifically seek more information about your business or product. With a wide network of advertisers and affiliates, brand building, product advertising and getting high traffic for your business is all-in-a-days work for our company.

Additionally, custom lead generation, email marketing are just some of the other online advertising solutions that form the backbone of the successful campaign. When you work with us, our experienced teams of professionals ensure that you stay ahead of your business competitors while driving prospective customers to your business.

All of our campaigns are specifically tailored to suit individual client’s requirements and business while giving you complete control over all aspects of the planning, design and delivery. Whether you need to build a database for email marketing or launch a full service digital marketing campaign, Web Man LA will be happy to work with you on your marketing requirements.

We welcome queries, questions and feedback from our partners and valued customers. Please contact us today and one of our business representatives will be happy to discuss in detail about your project. We respect your privacy and have stringent confidentiality ethics, as an assurance about our service.




Solutions/services for Web Man LA

Services Wen Man LAWeb Man LA is one of the pioneers in digital marketing.

1A. Custom Leads

The recent boom in internet and digital marketing customized lead generation programs have created a revolution in the online marketing and advertising world. The importance of custom online lead generation has become a completely new branch in the industry. Lead generations can enhance any business and are one of the best ways of reaching out to potential clients and customers for the services the business renders.

Web Man LA uses its own media including the vast network of publisher to help small and large companies develop or design and plan quality lead generations to target core audiences and drive prospective clients to your business. Working with us eliminates the need to utilize the services of numerous lead providers and our professional marketing team has worked with innumerable businesses helping them increase sales and take businesses to the next level.

As a viable medium, custom lead generation is an all encompassing solution for all your marketing needs. We ensue that each campaign is custom designed to suit each advertisers business ensuring complete control over quality, delivery and the specific leads that are desired. If you are looking to build a prospect database of high quality opt-in leads with data verification that gives complete client ownership, Web Man LA will be happy to service your business.

1B. Affiliate Marketing

In the field of online marketing, marketing and advertising through third party network of qualified partners to target customers and prospects has gained popularity in recent years, in the online marketing industry. Additionally, affiliate networks marketing forms a strong standalone tactics along with other strategies for current digital marketing needs, providing constant exposure for small and large business brands across numerous online media channels.

Being in the affiliate world for over a decade, Web Man LA, understands business requirements. Our vast affiliate network works in perfect coordination and has high traffic online publishers in nearly all verticals categories. So whether you need traffic through email, social media, traffic via search or any of the other digital affiliate marketing, we can help you.

We understand that successful affiliate marketing is more than just being a part of affiliate network. It needs proactive management, high quality online lead generation. Contact Web Man LA business representatives today and let’s walk you through it from the launch to the end.

1C. Email Marketing

With digital marketing gaining prominence in the advertising industry, email marketing has emerged as one of the top quality online advertising medium, helps to maximize Return-On-Investments (ROI).  It is extremely essential to work with professionals in the changing marketing environs, as they have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry and change with marketing trends.

A pioneer in the digital marketing industry, Web Man LA’s experience spans for over a decade and includes email marketing, affiliate networks and more. We have a current access to millions of subscribers and our professionals can help you launch a successful CAN-SPAM email marketing campaign for any business.

We can help manage your data base also turn your list into profits with our affiliate rev share programs while as direct marketing company we’ll help you build a prospects list with data verification that specifically targets your audience.  Email marketing works and allows you to communicate directly with potential customers.

1D. Co-Registration 

Basically, co-registration can be understood as a marketing tool where the person or individuals opt-in to a business owner’s or advertisers list that is on a third-party website. The basic focus of co-registration is that the potential customer or prospect signs up for multiple lists at the website.

Co-registration is one of the fast catching of sub-industries in digital marketing world. As advertisers and publishers, generating leads, email marketing and co-registration are some of the most effective marketing strategies. According to industry experts, nearly 32% of co-registration culminates into leads performance.

If you are considering co-registration, we have stringent polices about ethical marketing. Please contact our business representatives for more information.



The Basic Understanding of SEO in Los Angeles

The Basic Understanding of SEO in Los Angeles
The Basic Understanding of SEO in Los Angeles

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very in depth topic that stretches across many areas of web marketing and design. For beginners in the business department, SEO can be overwhelming as it covers many aspects in very little time. Time constraints on putting up a website and getting it covered through search engines can weigh a beginner down and create a stressful atmosphere.

With hiring a professional you can guarantee to lift the weight of that stress and come out on top with a publically brilliant SEO website in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas. Contacting a professional can prove to be the best decision for a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced business owner.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are often confused with one another. However, in retrospective SEO comes before SEM when working on public awareness or internet awareness of your website. SEO is done to help search engines crawl and supply the website with a ranking to where it will show when being searched by an individual or business.

SEO is very important and is a vital part of any business that has started or transitioned to an online appearance. The basics of the website design and development is normally completed before the steps to make it searchable become a priority. There must be content available so that the search engine crawlers can correctly place a ranking for search processes. With over 80% of websites being searched and found through search engines, having a top ranked site will definitely appeal to many people while searching and cause them to venture to your site.

When an individual searches for a specific topic, there are billions of potential combinations that can be made with the words they are searching. However, with most search engines only about ten results show up.  If your website isn’t in the top ten ranked websites to come up with those search keywords, more than likely the individual will find what they are looking for in the top ten and not worry with searching through the thousands of pages with other possibly unrelated topics. Therefore it is imperative to have your business listed on the first page within the top ten rankings.

Before a website can be crawled by the search engine spiders, it must have a niche or content related to one major topic. This will help the spiders connect your site to the rankings and list it to be seen. The best way to have a site listed is to provide like content related to one topic.  This topic can be travel, family, friends, fun, sports, and anything in between. Having one set topic and related the web page domain name to it will ensure the search results will show your website to the individual.

When choosing the domain name, the longer they are the more difficult it becomes for professionals to advertise your website. For SEO purposes a short name that has all of the major topic keywords will suffice and become an asset. Putting a short name on cards, bumper stickers, or on advertising posters is a lot easier than having a four or five word domain name that will take up half of the space available for advertising. Although many of the domain names are taken, figuring out which will help with SEO purposes will ensure your website to be ranked higher than that of longer names. For more information and help on ranking your site with SEO in Los Angeles or surrounding communities email or contact us today.

What You Could Expect With Web Design Pricing

Web Development Los Angeles
Web Development Los Angeles

When you decide to start a website one of the first questions that you will probably ask is, “Can I afford it?” The cost of having a webpage created for you can vary from a few hundred dollars to extremely expensive. There are several factors that affect the price.

Many people assume that starting a website is as simple as registering a domain name, purchasing a yearly web hosting package and then using the perfect pre-designed theme. While it is possible to start a site this way, you will quickly discover that your site is just like every other one out there and that the page isn’t doing what you wanted it to do.

This is the reason why you should choose to have the page designed for you by a professional. It will cost you more money up front, but will leave you a properly functioning, one of a kind website that is capable of competing within top search engines.

Once you have a general idea of what you want your website to look like you can start to budget the cost of designing it. Each of the following things you may consider a necessity to your site and each of their cost varies.

  • Is this a brand new website or a site that you would like a redesign? Obviously the cost of a new site is significantly more. The base cost of a redesigned site on average is $200, whereas, the cost to start new averages at about $500.
  • Is the site going to require management for content or a blog? If so, you can figure in another $200 into your budget. If the system for managing content and blog still needs install, that will be about another $200.
  • Will you have a mobile website? That will cost another $500, plus an additional $100 for each mobile device, such as cell phones and tablets.
  • How much content do you need created for your website and how much will you supply yourself? For each page of typed content that you supply, you will be charged about $150 for each page. For the pages that you need created, you be charged around $500 for each page.
  • What special feature, SEO, social media, etcetera, will you need for the site?
    • Newsletters- $400
    • Photo Gallery- $200
    • SEO- $500 to $4000
    • Social Media- $500 to $2000
    • Surveys/Contact Forms- $300

The figures here are just a price range and may vary according to the needs of each individual or business. There are several other special options that you may require for your website. Each of these will have prices that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Will the website require multimedia, such as video or flash? This will cost around $1000 total, $500 to create the multimedia and another $500 to put it on your webpage.

  • What are you planning to do about graphics? Supplying them yourself will cost around $200. If you choose to use a web template, that will cost about $400. If you plan to have a design firm create your websites designs for you that will be near $1000, at the very least. Your website will probably also require buttons and icons. If so, that adds about another $300 to the budget. What it comes down to is, the more graphics for the page, and the more original the graphics are, the more money it will cost you.
  • Who is going to maintain your website? The cost for maintenance of a website is going to be, at the least, $50 a month.

So when it all comes down to it you can spend anywhere from $1200 for a basic website, $1400 if you add a few extras to your site and the cost of a full website on average runs about $2800. However, these prices do not include anything special. If you add in things such as mobile access, monthly maintenance, and videos your website could end up costing you about $10,000 with monthly fees of around $500. Like many other products and services, you get what you pay for. Therefore, the more you spend, the more unique and productive of a website you will have.

San Francisco SEO

Search engine optimization for San Francisco businesses is one of our strengths at WebManLA.com.  We rely on keyword optimization, enhancement of

San Francisco SEO
San Francisco SEO

link popularity, and search engine optimized content and meta tags to enable your website to rank higher on Google, MSN, Bing and Yahoo. 

What is an Organic Ranking?

If you have a website that is ranked higher organically, this will mean more traffic for your website.
Organic is used to describe a search that retrieves results by indexing pages based on both keyword relevancy and the site’s content.
WebManLA.com is a web design firm based in Los Angeles, and we can provide all the web tools you need to have a site that shines compared to your competitors in the San Francisco area.

Users will want to deal with local businesses first, so we can ensure that your results will be geo-targeted if you so desire.
We can enrich your current site’s content to maximize your presence on the Internet, and we can also enhance your brand or logo so your potential customers will never forget your message, which is San Francisco SEO.

Connect with Your Clients

Are you looking for a comprehensive web design package that also includes visibility on social networking sites?  Do you want to provide your potential clients with useful information, all while promoting your goods and services?

Web 2.0 is the ideal solution for connecting with your prospective customers.
Wikis, blogs, social networking sites and media sharing sites are all examples of how you can increase your prominence on the web.  Reach out to all your loyal San Francisco customers with web tools and applications that are results-driven.

Make Goods and Services Easily Attainable

E-commerce strategies employ the use of online stores, virtual shopping carts, and credit card processing services.
A successful e-commerce store will make it easier for customers to purchase what you have to offer from your San Francisco website, all while giving you a competitive edge.  Customers to your San Francisco e-commerce store are likely to visit again if you make shopping simple for them.

You will then enjoy the benefit of these loyal customers, especially if you provide a safe shopping environment.

As a web design firm on the cutting edge of technology, we utilize supreme encryption technology to ensure the privacy of your users.

Contact us today for a free estimate and ask about our complete web design packages.  We can help you with everything from development of your brand concept to your triumph on the web.

California SEO

WebManLA.com is a search engine optimization company based out of California.  Our marketing and Internet experts will give you the competitive edge

California SEO
California SEO

you need for your business to grow and prosper.

The best prospective customers are out there right now searching for services and products offered by businesses just like yours, and we know what it takes for them to find you easily within Internet search results.

Your website’s position in search results from Google, Yahoo or MSN is crucial to the success of your business.  At WebManLA.com, we have the tools and techniques to promote your website to the top of search engine results, making your site more visible to the customer.

By using search engine optimization, or SEO, we will analyze the keywords used by searchers and include them in your site.  This allows customers to connect with your business quickly and easily.

Search engine optimization means developing a website so that it will be discovered by popular search engines.  Potential customers utilize a combination of specific search terms while seeking the services your business has to offer, and our team of experts will map and index your site’s content to reflect these keywords.

SEO for your California-based business is one of the most innovative techniques to getting discovered by potential clients.  Successful California businesses employ a variety of Internet marketing methods to get the best return on investment.  These include methods such as:

  1. Hosting Services for Your Site
  2. Enhancement of Link Popularity
  3. Keyword Analysis and Selection of Widely Used Terms
  4. Pay Per Click Management, or PPC
  5. General Site Content Improvement and Quality SEO Copywriting
  6. Application Development and Database Programming
  7. High-Quality, Eye-Catching Templates
  8. Using companies like Reputation.com to control the way search engines project your personal or business image.

At WebManLA.com, our highly knowledgeable staff can provide all of these proven strategies to give your site the content, keywords and applications you need to stand out among other businesses in your field.

Comprehensive Reports

Whenever you choose to work with a California SEO company, always check to ensure they will provide detailed reports so you can analyze what is working for you.  WebManLA.com issues comprehensive SEO reports for our California clients, including a baseline search engine ranking and traffic report.

See how you’re holding up against your top 3-5 competitors and see what sections of your site are being indexed by search engine spiders.

Santa Monica SEO

Relying on traditional marketing techniques, such as radio, television or print advertising, is a tried and true tool for getting your business name known.

Search Engine Optimization in Santa Monica CA
Search Engine Optimization in Santa Monica CA

However, in a world where everyone searches Google, MSN and Yahoo for products and services, you will want to be a step ahead of your competitors.  Internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization,
pay per click management and link improvement can maximize your online business potential.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is employed by many highly successful businesses in the Santa Monica area.
At WebManLA.com, we can develop fully-tailored, unique Internet marketing strategies to give your Santa Monica business an SEO boost.
This means your website will be ranked higher in popular, geo-targeted search engine results.

Internet searchers in the Santa Monica area will be able to see your local business listed in Google, Yahoo, BING or Ask Jeeves results, resulting in more leads for your business.

Overall Content Improvement and Higher Rankings on Search Engines

SEO Copywriting can improve the existing content on your pages so your site will be ranked higher among search engine results.

WebManLA.com is a full-service web design company in the Los Angeles area with the unique skill to blend popular keywords right into the text so your site is both informative and easily visible to searchers.

Enhance the Popularity of Your Site’s Links

The popularity of the links within your site is also a determining factor of your placement within search results.
Quality factors are assigned to each link that leads to your website, and our consultants at WebManLA.com can easily identify potential link opportunities.

We enter your search phrases, click on the top ranking sites, and determine who is linking to them and why.  Sponsorships, advertising, and public relations can all increase a site’s link popularity, and we are one of the few web design firms in Los Angeles that has a well-defined strategy for getting your site noticed.  Electronic commerce, or e-commerce or e-shopping, with a merchantaccount.com merchant accounts is a great way for customers all over California to shop for your goods and services.

Innovative Methods, Customer Convenience

More and more consumers are logging onto their computers to shop online.  Besides link popularity enhancement, we can assist you with applications to maximize your customer’s convenience and keep them coming back to your business.

Electronic commerce, or e-commerce or e-shopping, is a great way for customers all over California to shop for your goods and services.  This consists of the buying and selling of products and services over electronic systems, making it simple for customers to purchase from you without ever having to leave their home.

SEO Los Angeles

Los Angeles SEO
Los Angeles SEO

If you’re looking to build organic search result traffic to your Los Angeles company, then you need a rigorous search engine optimization program to do so.  By choosing us to help with your Los Angeles SEO project, you will be choosing proven results, an effective campaign, and an ability to deliver a visible return on investment.

SEO is Important and cortical to your business success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is effective advertising because it continues to pay dividends even after you have made the initial investment.  This is in contrast to other forms of advertising, in which you must keep paying money for the marketing campaigns to continue.

SEO campaigns, unlike other campaigns, continue to bring traffic to your website even after the original campaign has ended.  SEO does this by placing your website on the search results for specific keywords.

How do you know what keywords to target?

We’ll help you determine that, as well.

Our team of SEO experts perform rigorous keyword research to determine the most effective keywords for the types of customers you want to draw for your business.  For example, we will target specific keywords for your region and the surrounding cities through engaging content that is both keyword-rich and content-rich.

Dozens of clients in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica area have found our Search Engine Optimization strategies to be valuable and useful and have continued to come back for more. We would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers and clients, since we are certain we will be able to bring this type of value to your business.

SEO Strategies

If you don’t use SEO strategies, your competitors will.  In this economy, you can’t afford to simply give up business, but if you fail to implement an effective search engine optimization strategy in your web design project, then you are essentially giving business away to your competitors.  We’re certain that you can’t afford to do that – no one can.

Give us a call to learn more about how our SEO strategies can help your Los Angeles company succeed just as it has helped Los Angeles companies in the past succeed.  We can’t wait to show you the clear and objective results that we can bring your company.  We at WebManLA.com will provide a free consultation to let you know how we can help your business.

You’re worth it to us.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the most effective internet marketing tool. It is also known as search engine positioning or

Search Engine Optimization

placement. It is the process of improving your website by utilizing techniques to enable it to rank higher in search engine results pages, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our SEO consulting services are the smartest online advertising investment you will make.

We include a basic search engine friendly package in all our website design services which submits your website to the top search engines. If you decide to maximize your business potential online our experienced team of SEO specialists will consult with you to develop a bespoke interactive marketing campaign to deliver tried and tested return on your investment. SEO also includes one way text links development those links will help increase your ranking and increase your traffic accordingly, they must be done in a white hat type of development

Our Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

  • · Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
  • · SEO Copywriting and Content Improvement
  • · Keyword analysis and selection
  • · Link popularity enhancement
  • · Meta tag development and implementation

Pay Per Click Marketing Management (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is where your business only pays when a user actually clicks through to your website from a text ad. We specialize in positioning your website within search engines “sponsored search” results page to achieve optimal exposure.

Pay Per Click Marketing is a precise and targeted vehicle to increase internet sales. It allows you to directly interact with those actively searching for your product/services and convert them into new sales and repeat customers.

We provide optimal solutions for PPC marketing. Our Search Marketing Department manages, optimizes and grows PPC campaigns.

SEO Copywriting and Content Improvement

SEO Copywriting refers to rewriting the existing webpage content to improve its search engine placement. SEO Copywriting requires skill to integrate popular search terms and keywords seamlessly within the website text.

In most cases, web users make up their opinion about a website and the corresponding business in the first few seconds. Your online content should help your user find the information they’re looking for as fast as possible, reducing frustration and driving them to your competitors.

Good website content improves user experience, a factor that plays critical role in converting website visitors to customers. Our SEO copywriters are specialists in getting the correct message across to potential customers while satisfying the requirements for high search engine placement.

Keyword Reseach and Placement

Keyword selection often begins with the unique domain name or web address for your website. Keywords play an important part in the SEO strategy of your business and are an integral part of all our Search Engine Optimization service offerings. They provide a fundamental methodology to optimize your search engine placement. Our consultants will help you conduct Keyword research and selection and advise you on the various integration techniques.

Link Popularity Enhancement

Link popularity is one of the most influential factors for determining how well a website will perform in search engine rankings. Search engines assign a quality factor for each link that points to your website. The number of high quality links that point to your website is also a determining factor in your search engine placement. Our consultants can advise on the most effective strategies for enhancing your websites link popularity.

Meta Tag Development and Implementation

Meta Tags are another tool utilized by search engines to search and display relevant search results. Our SEO specialists work side by side with our website design teams to create relevant Meta Tags in the HTML source code of your website. This compliments our range of SEO services and ensures you enjoy high search engine placement.