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Premier Web Design & Marketing Trends Enhance Business

Web Design & Marketing Trends
Web Design & Marketing Trends

For entrepreneurs and business owners, a website serves as a first impression for products and services. In this transformative digital age, a website is similar to a business storefront. Does your business’s storefront window welcome passers-by? Does your business’s website attract Web browsers?

Elite brands such as Apple and Facebook have set unprecedented examples that prove strategically contrived with innovative and functional designs that make powerful connections with consumers. A brand that has powerful connections with consumers leads to high revenue and longevity.

As you promote products and services and reach out to consumers, keep in mind how an exceptional Web design can provide your business with the following advantages:

Enhances Customer & User Experiences

The bar is set high for meeting the visual and digital expectations of consumers. To stay competitive, organizations require the expertise of graphic artists who have the talent and skills to produce unparalleled experiences for users and customers. A professional may have graduated from a top graphic design school and maintain an extensive portfolio; however, the coupling of visually appealing design expertise with state-of-the-art interactive skills is what provides a superior-quality business website. In addition to reflecting your brand’s identity, your website should be memorable and rewarding for visitors and potential customers.

Encourages Brand Loyalty & Advocacy

Great, strategic design is marketable and resonates with loyal customers. As leads and new customers become devoted followers of your brand, they themselves become marketing tools for your business. Customers who feel so strongly connected to your business will advocate your products and services through social media. The design of your brand should be consistent and recognizable on all platforms, including its Facebook page, Pinterest boards, blogs or Instragram photos.

Supports Content Marketing

Web design has a responsibility for elevating the content marketing strategies of your business. One of the top design trends that has had a profound effect on consumers is referred to as “visual storytelling” by Mashable.com. To avoid losing relevance, place an emphasis on the visuals of your brand to enhance marketing initiatives and strengthen your position within the marketplace.

Mashable.com highlights the following trends for gaining leverage in a competitive marketplace:

  • Navigational & Aesthetic Site & Apps: Ensure that your website is accessible, attractive and easy-to-navigate on all platforms, including desktops, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets.
  • Interactive Visual Effects: Carry out top-of-the-line digital special effects that maximize a user experience and even augment reality.
  • Minimal & Functional: Keep in mind that a minimalist appearance is typically more user-friendly and attractive; visitors to your site can easily find the essentials and have their needs met.

Achieves Other Business Goals

A website that has an exceptional design supports and helps drive other aspects of Internet marketing, including copywriting, Web programming and search engine optimization (SEO). When all elements of Internet and brand marketing work cohesively, you’re more likely to generate leads, drive traffic and increase conversion rates. BrandInsightBlog.com suggests that people are undoubtedly affected by design.

Whether visitors stay on a site is influenced by its design and ease of navigation. BrandInsightBlog.com’s John Furgurson explains that “it’s an instantaneous, subconscious judgment” that causes someone to stay or leave a Web page. A well-designed website retains visitors who will then commit to exploring the products, services, message and brand of your business.