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Web Man LA
Web Man LA

In recent years, traditional methods of advertising are passé and now the evolving advertising industry is looking at online marketing with the help of third party network of affiliates, publishers and advertisers for a variety of marketing solutions. For digital marketing requirements, providing exposure to both small and medium businesses is of vital importance and that can best be done with affiliate networks. They work in close coordination with other tactics such as lead generation, email marketing, co-registration and more to provide viable exposure across multiple media channels.

At Web Man LA, as pioneers in the direct marketing and affiliate networks industry, we strive to provide cost effective digital media solutions for publishers, advertisers and affiliates to take the best decisions while spending the advertising budget. It is our aim to resolve the complexities and provide simple business marketing solutions that cater to nearly all industries looking to get a ‘One-stop-shop’ for their advertising needs.

Our current access to over a million data verified subscribers and marketing professionals forms the core of the digital marketing solutions that are further strengthen by the vast network of affiliates, providing your business a chance to launch a successful direct marketing campaign, targeting prospective customers that specifically seek more information about your business or product. With a wide network of advertisers and affiliates, brand building, product advertising and getting high traffic for your business is all-in-a-days work for our company.

Additionally, custom lead generation, email marketing are just some of the other online advertising solutions that form the backbone of the successful campaign. When you work with us, our experienced teams of professionals ensure that you stay ahead of your business competitors while driving prospective customers to your business.

All of our campaigns are specifically tailored to suit individual client’s requirements and business while giving you complete control over all aspects of the planning, design and delivery. Whether you need to build a database for email marketing or launch a full service digital marketing campaign, Web Man LA will be happy to work with you on your marketing requirements.

We welcome queries, questions and feedback from our partners and valued customers. Please contact us today and one of our business representatives will be happy to discuss in detail about your project. We respect your privacy and have stringent confidentiality ethics, as an assurance about our service.



The Basic Understanding of SEO in Los Angeles

The Basic Understanding of SEO in Los Angeles
The Basic Understanding of SEO in Los Angeles

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very in depth topic that stretches across many areas of web marketing and design. For beginners in the business department, SEO can be overwhelming as it covers many aspects in very little time. Time constraints on putting up a website and getting it covered through search engines can weigh a beginner down and create a stressful atmosphere.

With hiring a professional you can guarantee to lift the weight of that stress and come out on top with a publically brilliant SEO website in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas. Contacting a professional can prove to be the best decision for a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced business owner.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are often confused with one another. However, in retrospective SEO comes before SEM when working on public awareness or internet awareness of your website. SEO is done to help search engines crawl and supply the website with a ranking to where it will show when being searched by an individual or business.

SEO is very important and is a vital part of any business that has started or transitioned to an online appearance. The basics of the website design and development is normally completed before the steps to make it searchable become a priority. There must be content available so that the search engine crawlers can correctly place a ranking for search processes. With over 80% of websites being searched and found through search engines, having a top ranked site will definitely appeal to many people while searching and cause them to venture to your site.

When an individual searches for a specific topic, there are billions of potential combinations that can be made with the words they are searching. However, with most search engines only about ten results show up.  If your website isn’t in the top ten ranked websites to come up with those search keywords, more than likely the individual will find what they are looking for in the top ten and not worry with searching through the thousands of pages with other possibly unrelated topics. Therefore it is imperative to have your business listed on the first page within the top ten rankings.

Before a website can be crawled by the search engine spiders, it must have a niche or content related to one major topic. This will help the spiders connect your site to the rankings and list it to be seen. The best way to have a site listed is to provide like content related to one topic.  This topic can be travel, family, friends, fun, sports, and anything in between. Having one set topic and related the web page domain name to it will ensure the search results will show your website to the individual.

When choosing the domain name, the longer they are the more difficult it becomes for professionals to advertise your website. For SEO purposes a short name that has all of the major topic keywords will suffice and become an asset. Putting a short name on cards, bumper stickers, or on advertising posters is a lot easier than having a four or five word domain name that will take up half of the space available for advertising. Although many of the domain names are taken, figuring out which will help with SEO purposes will ensure your website to be ranked higher than that of longer names. For more information and help on ranking your site with SEO in Los Angeles or surrounding communities email or contact us today.

What Does a Web Design Company Do for You and Your Website?

What Does a Web Design Company Do for You and Your Website?
What Does a Web Design Company Do for You and Your Website?

When you decide to that you want to have a website for your business, the first thing you need to decide is if you are going to create the site or hire someone to do it for you. It may sound simple to create a webpage, however a lot more goes into it than you may think. This is why most people decide to go to a web design company to have their website professionally created.

  • A web design company is broken up into four separate departments:
  • Design Department- handles the sites graphics and layouts
  • Development Department- in charge of programming the site
  • Marketing Department- takes care of the sites content, as well as, business goals and any analysis that may be needed
  • IT Department- which handles the webpage’s hosting

Most people assume, incorrectly, that creating a website is as simple as registering a domain name, finding a web template, and then using a program, such as WordPress, to create the site. While this will allow you to create a simple website, you’ll definitely want a web design company to create your site if you want it to have a professional appearance, as well as, function properly. You inform the designer that you are working with about your customers, explain what your business is about, and what you hope to gain from having a website, and they will handle the rest for you.

The general blueprint of creating a website is as follows:

  • Consultation (Initial) – meeting with the client to let them know what your company does
  • Consultation (Design)- finding out what the website requires
  • Proposal- Website outline and estimate of costs
  • Clarification- finalizing the design, timeframe, and cost and signing the contract
  • Developing- creating site and e-mail accounts, buying domain name, and purchasing web hosting
  • Launching- getting the website up and running

Different web design companies specialize in building a specific type of website, some might focus solely on large companies, while others place theirs on smaller businesses. Another difference in these companies is that some also use languages such as ASP and JavaScript, while other stick to strictly using HTML. Another option some companies use is content management systems, such as Drupal and Joomla. You will want to keep this in mind when choosing a company, because it has a direct effect on the functioning of your site.

Here are some of the tasks that a web design company takes on:

  • Determining the clients requirements and goals and providing an estimate of the cost to create the website
  • Negotiating a contract between the company and the client
  • Creating graphics, as well as, designing color schemes, layouts and fonts, while achieving the right markup and style
  • Creating the sites data base and making sure that the site will properly function
  • Hosting the site and debugging any problems
  • Optimizing the websites ranking with search engines and registering the sites domain
  • Also, re-designing sites for pre-existing clients, as well as, new clients

So, as you can see, there is a lot that goes into creating a webpage. A web design company does all the work of creating a professional website and keeping it running smoothly, while allowing you to put your focus on your business. The cost of these company services can vary greatly. Therefore having a consultation about what it’s going to cost you in the beginning and during the month to month upkeep is advised.

Successful Web Design California

The essential element of successful web design consist in achieving the proper proportion of customer-friendly language, impressive graphic

Successful Web Design California
Successful Web Design California

design and operational content management.

Effective Web design includes more than just fitting a company’s profile into a web server. The information contained in your website needs to be accurate, simple, written in a natural, client-oriented language to ensure communication. The information contained in your website should be honest and written with the true conviction that your company will provide the service you offer.

However, productive communication isn’t achieved by just writing your company’s information on a web site. In order to captivate your clients you must use the correct graphics, and animation oriented towards luring them into exploring your site and wanting more information. Since most things people like, enter through sight, you must have a graphic design that promotes exploring and clicking the next page if not to read about it, just because of the pleasure it brings to see its composition. Art is a key element to becoming a hit website.

The last element you need to ensure the productivity of your website is marketing. It may seem like you spent a fortune on artistic web design and writing strategies, but your website is still not giving you the result you expected. The reason is insufficient content management. Not everyone is interested in your website. You must direct your service to the specific group of client who are searching for your service. Studies show that 90% of all companies fail because they have poor client orientation. Studying your clients is crucial for you to accurately focus on making a good first impression.

This is important in all areas of your business and particularly on your online presence. Our web solution company offers complete packages for all your website needs. Our professionals are ready to offer you complete redesign of your website, new site options for businesses wishing to improve on existing websites as well as our wide variety of visual and communicational options to assist you in optimizing the efficiency of your webpage. From customized web design to tips on key word arrangement, www.webmanla.com has the web solution for you.

For those of our clients who need a complete custom website built, we offer to incorporate e-commerce solutions and other online applications to jumpstart your e-business today.

Your satisfaction is our main concern, that’s why at www.webmanla.com, all of our staff, from project managers to content writers are available 24/7. We are trained and ready, not only to understand your requirements, but also to guide you through the website design process and provide you with proven techniques of efficiency in order to meet your requirements and maximize your company’s online potential.

Website designed and developed for The Hercules Movers of California

When Hercules Moving hired us to take on the role of increasing their web presence and search visibility, we at Web Design Los Angeles. had a very challenging task ahead of us.  After all, moving companies in Los Angeles are not exactly the rarest of breeds.  There is quite a lot of competition on the Internet between Los Angeles moving companies, which means there is not a lot of metaphorical oxygen left in the Internet space for companies to become more visible.

However, we were up to the challenge.  We knew that with our team of gifted Search Engine Optimization specialists, web designers, and web developers, we would be able to create an online strategy that fit Hercules Moving’s needs and preferences.

California Moving Companies We sat down with Hercules Moving and devised an Internet marketing plan that included search engine, web design, and web development strategies for Hercules Moving to succeed in the realm of Los Angeles moving companies on the Internet.

We succeeded in every objective we set out to achieve with Hercules Moving — and then exceeded those objectives.

The Results

The results of our operations?  We have increased the search visibility of Hercules Moving dramatically.  Now, thanks to our search engine optimization strategies, they have hit high visibility for specifically targeted keywords.  Some of the keywords we chose for them were geotargeted, such as “Santa Monica moving company.”  That way, when users are searching for Santa Monica movers, they will be sure to find Hercules Moving.

We also increased the aesthetic quality of the website.  Before we worked on Hercules Moving’s website, it was not effective as the centerpiece of a web design strategy.  The design, quite frankly, fell flat and did not invite users to continue looking at their service offerings.

Not only was Hercules Moving not visible, but they were also losing web visitors to competitors due to the poor design and accessibility of their website.

Sound Familiar?

If your plight sounds similar to that of Hercules Moving, you’re not alone.  Many business in Los Angeles are struggling to find their voice on the web.  Whether it’s in the realm of ranking in Google searches or simply having an aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian website, you need a successful web strategy in order to succeed online today.  It’s simply not possible without one; otherwise, you’re just flying blindly, hoping you succeed through luck.

As you know, that’s no way to run a business.

Call us today at Web Design L.A. for more information on how we can help your online strategy succeed excellently.  We’re certain our services will be able to increase your website’s visibility in search rankings, the beauty and functionality of your website, and the usability of the web interface.

It’s worth the investment in your company’s future online.  We look forward to helping you find your online voice!

Website Design

California Web Design

California website Development
California website Development

Just about every company, in today’s modern age, needs a website in order to succeed.  If you don’t have a website, customers won’t be able to find you when they, for example, run a Google search on area businesses.  They’ll find your competitors; they won’t find you.

Not only do you need a website for your California business, but you also need a well-designed website.  If you simply have a website, but it is not aesthetically pleasing to your customers and visitors, then you may as well not even have a website.  You’re just leaving would-be customers wholly unimpressed.

However, most people are simply not well-equipped to design their own California website.  They don’t have the skills, techniques, experience, or time needed to sit down and design a California website that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also functional to users.

That’s where we at Web Design L.A. come in.  We have years of experience in web design and development, and we’ll be sure to design a website that is not only well designed, but also fits your band.

See, every California business has its own brand.  If you create a website that doesn’t fit the brand – either by targeting the wrong demographic or portraying your message in an ineffective tone – then you’ll create mixed messages (and emotions) in the minds of your viewers.

You certainly don’t want to have that effect on potential customers.

California Web Design ? We can help.

Call us at Web Design L.A. to learn more about how we can help your company succeed in every facet of the online marketplace.  From California web design to e-commerce (and more!) you can be absolutely sure that your company’s website will be well-positioned to succeed online after you choose Web Design L.A. to design your website, create content for your pages, and optimize your site and pages for search engines such as Google.

We can’t wait to apply our expertise, experience, and skills to helping your website succeed.  We’ve helped many websites succeed online before; now, we can’t wait for you to be the next!  A web design company is an investment worth making; if you choose the wrong company, however, then you could end up with a website that is ineffective, inefficient, and does not fit your objectives.

Thank you for taking a look around our website; we hope to hear from you very soon!

Culver City SEO

Culver City SEOWebManLA.com is a Culver City Based SEO company.  Making sure that prospective clients find your website is critical to your success on the Internet. The best sources of customers are the ones that will create a constant stream of people who are interested in buying what you want to sell. For websites this means Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search engine optimization is a process of increasing both the volume and quility of web site traffic coming from the varios search engines. Primarily Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Our team of experts will increase the relevency of your website to your target audience by analyzing the existing content and structure of your site and making changes that will effect how the search engines see the content.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, means building a website so that it will be discovered by search engines. It also means designing each page in such a way, that the site’s content will be thoroughly mapped and indexed to keywords that potential customers employ when seeking your products or services. Organic SEO engagements with WebManLA.com are based on key objectives using all appropriate techniques available to professional search engine marketers. WebManLA.com’ Organic SEO methodology is designed to identify those steps necessary to move quickly from planning stages through implementation in order to achieve tangible benefits in as short a timeframe as possible.

Natural Search Engine Optimization Methodology

Research and Analysis

Keyword Phrase Research

Using proprietary search engine analysis tools; WebManLA.com will work with you to develop the ideal set of keyword phrases for promoting your website. WebManLA.com examines the content and business model of your website and cross-references that against the most relevant search terms used by web searchers.

Baseline Search Engine Traffic Report

Using your web traffic software reports or through online access WebManLA.com will analyze your current natural search engine traffic statistics

Baseline Search Engine Ranking Report

Using your approved keywords we will run an extensive search engine ranking report detailing your website ranking positions among the top 10 search engines (accounting for 98% of all search engine traffic).

Competitive Analysis Report

WebManLA.com will use approved keywords to run similar search engine ranking reports against your top 3-5 competitors.

Pages Indexed Report

WebManLA.com will determine and report to you the number of pages on your website found within the major search engine databases. These databases include Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves. These databases power the major search engines like AOL, Altavista, AllTheWeb, and more. This information is vital in understanding which sections of the your site is being indexed by various search engine spiders.

Natural Search Engine Optimization

Using our research and analysis WebManLA.com will create optimization suggestions for key pages within your website.

Optimization Elements

After careful selection of relevant keyword and keyword phrases per page, WebManLA.com constructs search engine friendly HTML code, including page unique Titles, META Descriptions, ALT Tags, and Navigation and Link Structures which include:

  • Examination of internal linking structure including the selection of link names and titles.
  • Proper site navigation including linking strategies such as addition or modification of a site map.
  • File and page name structuring.
  • Write additional content if needed for your web pages
  • Generate articles and press releases as needed to boost your rankings

In addition WebManLA.com will closely examine web page body content, and will utilize its copywriting team to create “smart” website copy that will appeal both to the your consumer and the search engines.

Link Popularity and Link Network Quality Consulting

Company Website Network Consulting
Many times company’s internal website networks make up some of the best link acquisition potential. With Your help, WebManLA.com will help outline various link opportunities, which could greatly increase the overall rankings of your website.

Your Partner WebManLA.com

WebManLA.com, our clients and other web properties all have the ability to link to you. WebManLA.com will work with you to determine which sites are contextually best, and will help make contact with these firms through either phone or email.

Post Implementation Reporting


Once a portion of WebManLA.com suggestions have been implemented on your site WebManLA.com will begin the reporting process. Once ranking reports begin they will continue to run on a monthly basis from the day of the month when the process began.


WebManLA.com will monitor traffic trends monthly beginning on the signature date of this SOW. Specifically, WebManLA.com will be monitoring total search engine traffic and individual search engine referrers for your keywords WebManLA.com will report to you these numbers on a regular basis.

Executive Summary

WebManLA.com will compare baseline measurements of traffic and rankings to post implementations reports from to create the Executive Summary. This document will clearly outline search engine traffic trends, keyword trends, ranking trends, and indexing trends in both numerical and chart format. This document will clearly communicate the results of the Natural Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Account Management

Your will be assigned a dedicated account manager who is responsible for all internal and external communication. This account manager will correspond and work with the WebManLA.com team to ensure all timelines are met and all deliverables are created.

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