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Google Organic Search Engine Optimization

In recent years, the internet has boomed and with it, the huge amounts of information on line grew exponentially. In order to find relevant information we use Search Engines like Google Yahoo Bing Etc, to sort through the massive volume of information out there.

Organic SEO what does it mean ?

The majority of us are familiar with the most traditional search results from Google and the fact that we can simply find what we are looking for in Google

Google Organic Search Engine Optimization.
Google Organic Search Engine Optimization.

within the first 5 results.  This fact has turned the Search Engine Optimization into a very desired feature in today’s web. A recent on line survey that I read, says that less than 5% of all websites today on line are optimized for search engine friendly standards. In our current line of work, it shortly doesn’t surprise us and we see it on a daily business, well design site simply kept hidden from visitors eyes by “hiding “ in the deep search results of google organic search results.

A whole industry of Search Engine Optimization Services has grown around this fact, Generating billions of dollars a year, to google and supporting companies to improve site’s natural search ranking.

Our Company web deisgn LA specializes in Search Engine Optimization services. Google considers Many factor before ranking a site, domain age,  iniquity of content & of course number & quality of link positing to the site are just few of the factors Google takes into account before ranking a site in the organic search results.

Google Vs. yahoo Search Engine Optimization

Today internet users and online service consumer to try and understand this “phenomena”. So,  to speak of SEO, we have seen a variety of companies offering internet services any where in between $200 per month to $2800, 1-time payment in order to improve you search engine rankings. The vast majority of them will do absolutely nothing to your search results rankings or to Organic Search Engine optimization of your site in Google, specifically and or other search engines. there for will have 0 (zero) impart on your business performance. to put it simply The market is full of scammers…. This unfortunate fact leads to the entire industries having a bad name and you hear more and more people saying: “you cannt get anything does with those SEO companies” this could not be further swat from reality we have outstanding results on a few sites we have worked on.

Organic Search Results

It is  an arguable discussion that all you have to do is  try and rank your site for Google’s first page of results and the rest of the search engines will follow….

Amazingly, we found this assumption to be true in many cases, we optimized
only for google and after not checking the rankings in yahoo and other engines we were amazed too see the site ranked high even in Yahoo organic search results … now you can find in a many top searches for moving, and moving companies in LA and in CA.

more in our next SEO article

Picking a Web Design Company that Works For You


There are several people who consider themselves to be wonderful web designers and developers but there are only a handful of people who are actually employed with a web design company and can meet every need of the client. A web design company can offer a client many outlets and ways to promote, design, and manage their website but there are tons of things beyond that which should be considered when choosing the perfect web design company to suit your business needs.

The first thing that must be done before comparing and contrasting web design companies is to assess your situation. There might be some things that you need to have handled inside the company instead of purchasing services outside of it. However, when consulting a company regarding web design they will more than likely offer you a long list of services that they provide to businesses just like yours. After assessing exactly what you need you should have a list of the following:

  • Outlook on intended audience
  • The budget for the website
  • The Overall goal of the website
  • The overview of the marketing scheme
  • The responsible parties for the project

There are many different types of websites that will be offered through design companies such as HTML, e-commerce, database, flash, or your businesses own unique content management system. In order for the web design company to meet your needs you must know beforehand which type will benefit your consumers and your website appearance. The knowledge and skills needed to design a website can only be had by professionals who have previous experience and samples to provide that connect specifically to what you are asking for whether it be HTML or flash or any other type.

The portfolio of a web design company is also very beneficial to seeking one for hire. There are many companies that only specialize in certain areas of web design and do not offer the complete packaged services that may be needed. This can be a set back and end up costing the client more money in the long run to hire several companies to do the job that one company should be able to do entirely. When the client is satisfied with the portfolio of examples and has an ideal budget in mind, contacting that web design company is the next step.

It is advised to always get a formal contract drawn up so that there are no disagreements later when the work is underway. The contract also offers a plan for what the company will offer the client, what the client wants, what the price will be, and how long it will take to get the job done successfully. It should also have any problems that may arise outlined in it to avoid unnecessary setbacks. For some companies, guarantees are the cushion that helps the client rest easy knowing that they have put their website in the right hands. Any guaranteed offered should also be evident to the client so that future plans can be made to establish a business relationship and develop the perfect website.


Using Web Designers For Your Design Needs in Los Angeles

Google Higher Organic Ranking
Google Higher Organic Ranking

There are several companies that offer services such as web development and web design in Los Angeles.  Many of them contract web designers to help during times of need where others might hire them permanently to developed, design, and manage their interrelated websites. Web designers are not solely designers but they are also looked upon to have many other skills such as e-mail marketing, report creation, and online management of websites and online stores. Los Angeles and surrounding communities have a huge selection of website designers but there are only a few that can be perfect for the job.

A web designer must be able to design a website with analytics coding in place. This will help track the site’s usage from members or guests visiting the website and what they clicked on after they were on the main page. It is very beneficial to have a web designer who can offer the interpretation and reporting of website analytics. It will save you, the client, time and money with having to sift through the traffic and pick apart what’s being viewed the most to what needs more content and work surrounding it.

One bonus of hiring designated web designers or web design businesses in Los Angeles and surrounding communities is that you not only get a great look and feel to your website but you also have the chance to mimic that look and feel into email. Most if not all web designers can also create a basic template for e-mailing out marketing messages. This will not only benefit the appearance of the company but also that of the way they do business.

Web designers also offer blog customization and management to their clients. Of course it will be similar to the look and feel of the website or have a different theme if the client chooses. Although the customization and setup of a blog is very vital to it being successful, the management is also a key part in creating that success. An unmanaged blog or a blog that is not properly maintained can drive readers away and cause traffic to hit rock bottom. No client wants this to ever happen and the only method of prevention is hiring someone to manage the blog so that traffic will increase instead of decrease.

There are many other functions that a web designer implicates in web designing besides appearance, blog creation and management, sales presentation development, and of course the pay-per click campaign management. Professional web designers also make sure that the site you are getting is usable and friendly to newcomers who have little knowledge of technology. One of the great things about a redesign is that the consumers or the audience who have previously been involved in the website can also have input. As a highly qualified and skilled web designer will promote your business by the appearance, they will also be able to promote customer involvement by offering surveys or managing interviews with the customers to help develop a new redesign of the old page.

The Basic Understanding of SEO in Los Angeles

The Basic Understanding of SEO in Los Angeles
The Basic Understanding of SEO in Los Angeles

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very in depth topic that stretches across many areas of web marketing and design. For beginners in the business department, SEO can be overwhelming as it covers many aspects in very little time. Time constraints on putting up a website and getting it covered through search engines can weigh a beginner down and create a stressful atmosphere.

With hiring a professional you can guarantee to lift the weight of that stress and come out on top with a publically brilliant SEO website in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas. Contacting a professional can prove to be the best decision for a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced business owner.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are often confused with one another. However, in retrospective SEO comes before SEM when working on public awareness or internet awareness of your website. SEO is done to help search engines crawl and supply the website with a ranking to where it will show when being searched by an individual or business.

SEO is very important and is a vital part of any business that has started or transitioned to an online appearance. The basics of the website design and development is normally completed before the steps to make it searchable become a priority. There must be content available so that the search engine crawlers can correctly place a ranking for search processes. With over 80% of websites being searched and found through search engines, having a top ranked site will definitely appeal to many people while searching and cause them to venture to your site.

When an individual searches for a specific topic, there are billions of potential combinations that can be made with the words they are searching. However, with most search engines only about ten results show up.  If your website isn’t in the top ten ranked websites to come up with those search keywords, more than likely the individual will find what they are looking for in the top ten and not worry with searching through the thousands of pages with other possibly unrelated topics. Therefore it is imperative to have your business listed on the first page within the top ten rankings.

Before a website can be crawled by the search engine spiders, it must have a niche or content related to one major topic. This will help the spiders connect your site to the rankings and list it to be seen. The best way to have a site listed is to provide like content related to one topic.  This topic can be travel, family, friends, fun, sports, and anything in between. Having one set topic and related the web page domain name to it will ensure the search results will show your website to the individual.

When choosing the domain name, the longer they are the more difficult it becomes for professionals to advertise your website. For SEO purposes a short name that has all of the major topic keywords will suffice and become an asset. Putting a short name on cards, bumper stickers, or on advertising posters is a lot easier than having a four or five word domain name that will take up half of the space available for advertising. Although many of the domain names are taken, figuring out which will help with SEO purposes will ensure your website to be ranked higher than that of longer names. For more information and help on ranking your site with SEO in Los Angeles or surrounding communities email or contact us today.

What You Could Expect With Web Design Pricing

Web Development Los Angeles
Web Development Los Angeles

When you decide to start a website one of the first questions that you will probably ask is, “Can I afford it?” The cost of having a webpage created for you can vary from a few hundred dollars to extremely expensive. There are several factors that affect the price.

Many people assume that starting a website is as simple as registering a domain name, purchasing a yearly web hosting package and then using the perfect pre-designed theme. While it is possible to start a site this way, you will quickly discover that your site is just like every other one out there and that the page isn’t doing what you wanted it to do.

This is the reason why you should choose to have the page designed for you by a professional. It will cost you more money up front, but will leave you a properly functioning, one of a kind website that is capable of competing within top search engines.

Once you have a general idea of what you want your website to look like you can start to budget the cost of designing it. Each of the following things you may consider a necessity to your site and each of their cost varies.

  • Is this a brand new website or a site that you would like a redesign? Obviously the cost of a new site is significantly more. The base cost of a redesigned site on average is $200, whereas, the cost to start new averages at about $500.
  • Is the site going to require management for content or a blog? If so, you can figure in another $200 into your budget. If the system for managing content and blog still needs install, that will be about another $200.
  • Will you have a mobile website? That will cost another $500, plus an additional $100 for each mobile device, such as cell phones and tablets.
  • How much content do you need created for your website and how much will you supply yourself? For each page of typed content that you supply, you will be charged about $150 for each page. For the pages that you need created, you be charged around $500 for each page.
  • What special feature, SEO, social media, etcetera, will you need for the site?
    • Newsletters- $400
    • Photo Gallery- $200
    • SEO- $500 to $4000
    • Social Media- $500 to $2000
    • Surveys/Contact Forms- $300

The figures here are just a price range and may vary according to the needs of each individual or business. There are several other special options that you may require for your website. Each of these will have prices that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Will the website require multimedia, such as video or flash? This will cost around $1000 total, $500 to create the multimedia and another $500 to put it on your webpage.

  • What are you planning to do about graphics? Supplying them yourself will cost around $200. If you choose to use a web template, that will cost about $400. If you plan to have a design firm create your websites designs for you that will be near $1000, at the very least. Your website will probably also require buttons and icons. If so, that adds about another $300 to the budget. What it comes down to is, the more graphics for the page, and the more original the graphics are, the more money it will cost you.
  • Who is going to maintain your website? The cost for maintenance of a website is going to be, at the least, $50 a month.

So when it all comes down to it you can spend anywhere from $1200 for a basic website, $1400 if you add a few extras to your site and the cost of a full website on average runs about $2800. However, these prices do not include anything special. If you add in things such as mobile access, monthly maintenance, and videos your website could end up costing you about $10,000 with monthly fees of around $500. Like many other products and services, you get what you pay for. Therefore, the more you spend, the more unique and productive of a website you will have.

Web Site Services, Santa Monica California Web Design

Los Angeles website design
Los Angeles website design

Our entry level services start at $1299 for an off the shelf website solution to get your business up and running with a successful web presence. Our template driven model ensures that your website can be live within a matter of days.

We make it quick and easy for you to create a unique look for your business utilizing the best technologies to ensure your customers have the optimum user experience. See for yourself how quick and simple it can be for you to have your own website by seeing the detailed description below.

The following detailed description of the steps will guide you through the process:

1. Choose a Template:
Choose one of the customizable templates from our gallery. Each of the unique designs has been created by our developers utilizing products from the industry-leading Adobe software suite.

2. Personalization:
Once you have chosen your template, you will be asked to complete a form where you can submit your websites Domain Name, logo, color scheme, fonts, text content, and any pictures you wish to display on the site.

3. Initial Deposit:
A deposit of 50% of your package price is required for us to start creating your website. We accept payments through our secured site via credit card: Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

4. Customization:
Our developers will customize your template as per your instructions, within 24 hours of your order you will be sent a test page based on these requests.

5. Review #1:
This is your first chance to review how the customization you have chosen translates online and make any changes. Change requests are processed via the online form and should be carefully checked for accuracy before submission.

6. Finalize test page:
Our website developers will process your changes and send you a revised test page.

7. Accept Changes:
You now review the revised demo and approve each numbered change until the list is complete. Once an item has been approved, it cannot be changed without incurring additional charges.

8. Implementation:
Once you are satisfied with the page design, our website developers will begin generating the code to create your site.

9. Finalized Website: We will send you a link to the finalized website and you can take the opportunity to verify the personalization you have requested. Any further change requests at this time will incur additional charges.

10. Go Live!
Congratulations your website is complete! All we need you to do now is click the ‘Accept and Go Live! Button’ to verify that the website has been completed as per your requests; we automatically process the remainder of our fee. One the transaction is finalized we will send you your website files, or if you are a participant in our hosting solutions your website will Go Live!
The final part of our services is to submit your website to the top 25 search engines to ensure that your website can be easily found.

Search Engine Optimization Success Case Studies:

(Click image to zoom)

Here is an example of the statistics of a site one of our competitors did. They focused too much on flashy design and did not properly optimize the site for the search engines. As you can see the overall traffic is very low, only a few hits a day. The largest source of traffic is referring sites (links from other websites) and a very large percentage of the visitors over 1/3 are not new. This website is not attracting new customers. Direct traffic (people typing in the domain name) is also a significant percentage nearly 10%. The person who purchased this site ended up paying thousands of dollars for something that looks good, but is entirely useless.

(Click image to zoom)

Here are the statistics of a site we optimized. See that the vast majority of traffic is coming from searches. There are hundreds of new visitors each day. While direct traffic is a much smaller percentage than the previous example it’s still a larger over all number this indicates this site is successful and has converted a portion of that search traffic into loyal returning customers.

Case Study:

Our own website. After being online for less than 4 months we already ranked 8th out of 131 million results of “web design la” which is our primary keyword.

Santa Monica Web Design and SEO

Santa Monica Web Design and SEO
Santa Monica Web Design and SEO

So you’ve made the decision to increase your Santa Monica company’s web presence and visibility online.  Congratulations!  Just simply making that step  is very important, because now you know where you want to be in your web presence.  You want to be visible, you want customers to find you organically through search engines, and you want a website that will engage your potential customers, increasing your revenue – right?

Targeting Your Right Search Markets,

Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place for search engine optimization in the Santa Monica area.  Our team specializes in pay per click management (PPC), SEO copywriting and content improvement, keyword analysis and selection, link enhancement, and meta tag implementation.  All of these factors will increase your web visibility on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, and many other search engines.

Through covering all of the bases with search engine optimization techniques, you will rest assured that you will receive higher search rankings – which means more traffic on your website.

Targeting Your Most effective Keywords,

The most effective form of increasing your search rankings for your Santa Monica web is through content creation.  Keyword integration – in a readable manner – is one of the specialties of our search engine optimization service.  Google and the other search engines scour the web for content that is related to search results.  By providing your web design with fully integrated and keyword-rich content, your website will soar to the top of the search results.

Another important aspect of search engine optimization is the often-forgotten aspect of meta tag development and implementation.  Search engines look at meta tags to help determine what web pages are about – if you don’t have effective meta tags, the search spiders might jump right over your content.

And Finally Targeting your geographical location keywords (if any)

We have proven results in the field of Santa Monica search engine optimization, and we will do everything possible to ensure not only a quality web design for your website, but also will deliver objectively higher search rankings.  The importance of high search rankings cannot be stressed highly enough: if more people find your website through the search engines, you will increase your potential customer base.

A higher customer base…increased revenue…higher profits.  You’ll get all of these as a result of higher search engine rankings for your Santa Monica website.  Isn’t that an investment worth making?

San Francisco SEO

Search engine optimization for San Francisco businesses is one of our strengths at  We rely on keyword optimization, enhancement of

San Francisco SEO
San Francisco SEO

link popularity, and search engine optimized content and meta tags to enable your website to rank higher on Google, MSN, Bing and Yahoo. 

What is an Organic Ranking?

If you have a website that is ranked higher organically, this will mean more traffic for your website.
Organic is used to describe a search that retrieves results by indexing pages based on both keyword relevancy and the site’s content. is a web design firm based in Los Angeles, and we can provide all the web tools you need to have a site that shines compared to your competitors in the San Francisco area.

Users will want to deal with local businesses first, so we can ensure that your results will be geo-targeted if you so desire.
We can enrich your current site’s content to maximize your presence on the Internet, and we can also enhance your brand or logo so your potential customers will never forget your message, which is San Francisco SEO.

Connect with Your Clients

Are you looking for a comprehensive web design package that also includes visibility on social networking sites?  Do you want to provide your potential clients with useful information, all while promoting your goods and services?

Web 2.0 is the ideal solution for connecting with your prospective customers.
Wikis, blogs, social networking sites and media sharing sites are all examples of how you can increase your prominence on the web.  Reach out to all your loyal San Francisco customers with web tools and applications that are results-driven.

Make Goods and Services Easily Attainable

E-commerce strategies employ the use of online stores, virtual shopping carts, and credit card processing services.
A successful e-commerce store will make it easier for customers to purchase what you have to offer from your San Francisco website, all while giving you a competitive edge.  Customers to your San Francisco e-commerce store are likely to visit again if you make shopping simple for them.

You will then enjoy the benefit of these loyal customers, especially if you provide a safe shopping environment.

As a web design firm on the cutting edge of technology, we utilize supreme encryption technology to ensure the privacy of your users.

Contact us today for a free estimate and ask about our complete web design packages.  We can help you with everything from development of your brand concept to your triumph on the web.

San Diego SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a method employed by many businesses in San Diego to rank their websites among the top results in popular

San Diego SEO
San Diego SEO

search engines.  SEO strategy banks on the well-known idea that most of us can find what we’re looking for in the top five results of search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

If you have a site for your San Diego business, how can you ensure that users in the area will be able to find you within the vast, expansive world of the Internet?  The solution is to rely on a web design company that specializes in getting California businesses noticed on the web.

At, our highly commensurate experts know how to make your site more visible and prominent through methods such as:

  1. Web Design Services: Graphic Design, Brand Creation, Logo Development and More
  2. Web 2.0 Technologies and a Presence on Facebook, Myspace or Twitter
  3. Ready-Made, High-Quality Web Design Templates
  4. Revision of Your Written Web Content
  5. Everything Else You Need For a Successful Online Presence

From a sophisticated, intelligent web design to online advertising strategies that bring you recognizable results, count on to be your one-stop shop for web design and optimization services in the California region.

Technologically Advanced Advertising Techniques

To successfully position your brand high above your competitors, you will need a brand that is attractive, one-of-a-kind, and that will effectively convey your company’s message.  Your logo is just as important.
Making a web design from a template may not be enough, but offers all-inclusive packages with everything you need to succeed on the web.

What do you want out of your web development strategy?  Call us today to see what our web development packages can do for your San Diego business.

We’ve been helping businesses in the California area for years, and we’ll be glad to provide you with a free consultation to discuss your concerns and answer your questions.  We’ll then discuss how to get the best return on investment for your marketing budget and how to achieve what you want on your terms.